How To Pack For Disney World In March

If you’re planning a trip to Orlando, you need to know how to pack for Disney World in March. There are several factors that will influence what you bring so it helps to be prepared.

The first thing to consider how to pack for Disney World in March is clothing and comfortable shoes. Bring a mixture of shorts, pants, short sleeve and long sleeve clothing. Bring a hat, sunglasses, pair of sandals and shoes. You will need swimwear for the water parks and hotel pool. Finally, pack all the essential toiletries.

Packing for a trip may seem simple, but there is always more to it. There are always less-obvious items you forget. If you’re honest with yourself, you end up with items you don’t need all the time. We want to help you bring exactly what you need.

Experience and research has allowed this comprehensive list to come to light. Whether you are covering Walt Disney World, the Water Parks, the city of Orlando, or all of these, it helps to pack correctly.

Sure, you can get anything you forgot from the hotel or local store, but this is a hassle. When you plan ahead, you are prepared. You save money and time. This means all you have to do when you get there, is have fun!

How To Pack For Disney World In March

As you plan to head to one of the funnest places on earth, excitement levels will be high. It is important to think ahead and plan for what you will need. Many make the mistake of just packing things before they go.

Without proper packing, your trip can turn negative quickly. You find that you forgot something or brought too much. Even worse as you walk through the park you see many items that others have. Don’t stare longingly at other families, plan ahead and pack according to the guidelines below.

How To Pack For Disney World Theme Parks In March

The first thing to consider when packing is clothing. You want to make sure you have swimwear if you plan to attend water parks and warmer clothing for the evenings. Waterproof gear is also essential in case it rains. There are specific sections below to help you pack specifically for water parks and rainy days.

In general, you want to make sure you have the following clothing items (for every member of the family).

  • Shorts
  • T-shirts
  • Lightweight pants
  • Socks
  • Underwear
  • Lightweight sweatshirt
  • Sunglasses
  • Warmer clothing for evening
  • Comfortable shoes

These are easily the most important items to pack. You will be walking for hours and hours. When it comes to Disney World you can show off your fashion sense by wearing a cool Disney shirt and Mickey Mouse ears. The shoes you bring need to be comfortable, not trendy. Crocs are the best shoes to go for. They are affordable and have amazing reviews on Amazon. They also dry quickly just in case you are one of the lucky ones to get splashed on Splash Mountain.

You also need to pack all the essential toiletries. The hotel will have basic items such as soap, shampoo, and lotion, but it is advised to pack your own since those are so small.

  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Hair accessories for the girls in the family
  • Lotion
  • Sunscreen
  • Chapstick
  • Razors
  • Wet wipes
  • Blister balm (ideal to have on hand in case anyone gets blisters from walking)

Items that will be beneficial to have that you may not have considered are listed below. These have been proven to make things much easier for you as you trek around the park all day. If these are items you do not currently have, they can be easily found online before you go at affordable prices.

Sun Hats

Sun hats are a good idea, especially for the kids. Even with sunscreen, the heat of the sun all day can be dangerous. Amazon has plenty of cheap sun hats available in all sizes. Invest in one now and it can be used for all future outings to protect your kids from overheating and too much sun.

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Wearable Neck Wallet

This is a great item for your wallet, ID, Fast Passes, and phone. Especially when you are flying at 60mph around a roller coaster track. All the valuables are in one secure place and very effective. They can be tucked under your shirt or jacket and pickpockets will never even know it is there.

A reliable neck wallet also makes sure you do not lose anything, and your money is within reach for when the kids see that toy they simply must have. Check out all the affordable and most popular neck wallets on Amazon.

Portable Power Bank

A portable power bank will be your best friend at Disney World. Even if you have a camera for photos, your phone is always busy. You will likely be using the Disney app to help navigate the park and wait times. A small portable power bank is all you need to keep your phone going. It only needs to be a small one, about the size of lipstick. Power banks are easy to find at Amazon and will hold enough power to keep you charged for the day.

How To Pack For Disney World Water Parks In March

When you head to the water parks, you will obviously need to pack swimwear and towels. Some facilities will provide towels, but it never hurts to have your own. Since you will not be in the water the whole time, you should also pack swimsuit cover-up options for everyone. Additional items you do not want to leave home without include:

Aqua Socks or Water Shoes

Spending time at the waterparks or around the hotel pool requires foot protection. Many people forget about this. On a sunny day in Orlando, the pavement gets hot. When you have aqua socks or shoes, you do not have to worry about burning your feet.

Waterproof Camera

Having waterproof electronics is a must for any vacation that involves water. This can help you on rainy days at Walt Disney World, but is a necessity when you head to the water parks. You don’t need an expensive waterproof camera, as there are many affordable cameras on Amazon that will take great family-fun pictures.

If you would rather take video of your vacation, I recommend using a GoPro Hero 8. It is also waterproof and will capture the special moments that will last for years to come.

Waterproof Cellphone Case

In the event you want to use your phone to take pictures, then getting a waterproof case is a good idea. This protects your phone as you splash and slide around. Making sure you don’t miss any of the up-close water fun.

Waterproof Waist Pouch

If you are looking to save money, then pack a waterproof pouch instead. This will keep your camera and phone safe and can carry your wallet too. Of course, you cannot take pictures as you are in the middle of the action. With a waterproof waist pouch, you can be assured that your belongings will be dry when you head home. Here is the most popular waterproof waist pouch on Amazon before you go.


This should be packed for both Park and water play. The waterparks have several outdoor areas and you want the whole family to be protected. Make sure you keep some with you or in a locker that you can rent. Remember to apply it regularly as the water can wash it off.

How To Pack For Disney World In March For Families

Most of what was covered in the first section applies to packing for the whole family. In addition to those items, there are a few essentials that you need to bring with you.

Any of these can be purchased from a nearby store, but you can save time and money by making sure you pack the items before you leave home. Everyone in the family can benefit from having these on hand.

First-Aid Kit

You want to make sure you have only the basics. A small, portable first-aid kit to have on hand is great for anytime you are away from home. Make sure you have ibuprofen, Tums, small bandages, and Dramamine. If there are other medications anyone needs daily, make sure they are included too.

Water Bottles

Beyond the regular water bottles, you need to go a step further for Disney World. Even on a cool day, you will go through water like crazy. A refillable water bottle is a better option since water bottles are pricey at the park. There are fountains all through the park for refills. A filtered water bottle is preferred to make sure the water is safe for you and the family. Amazon has filtered water bottles at great prices, so find the one that works best for you. Maybe even grab two.

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Picnic Blanket

The parades at Disney World are all part of the fun and entertaining for all ages. Your kids get to see all their favorite characters, in case they weren’t able to get photo ops during the day. The parades do last for a while, so you want to find a good viewing spot. A picnic blanket comes in handy to keep you all comfortable as you sit. Amazon has great blankets that fold up easily to fit in a rented locker during the day.

Handheld Fan

March is not the hottest month, but a full day of Florida sun in any month can be a lot. It is easy to get over-heated, especially as you walk around all day. Bringing a personal hand-held fan is perfect for keeping your cool. It is also great for the kids. The best handheld fans will be compact and easily stored in your bag, but also powerful enough to deliver a refreshing breeze. These are a real treasure to have and are really affordable on Amazon.

Packing Cubes

Another item people do not think of when packing are packing cubes. These are the best ways to stay organized. These cubes hold all the essentials for each person, so you all know exactly where everything is. For example, keep t-shirts in one cube and swim gear in another. Most of the popular cubes come with index card holders so you can write on each cube.

These cubes are game changers when it comes to family travel. You’ll be amazed at how cheap packing cubes are on Amazon. You definitely get your money’s worth. You should get a different color set for each member of the family, to really keep things organized.


You don’t want to pack a ton of snacks because it can weigh the bag down. It is a good idea when traveling with kids to have a few bags of healthy snacks in between meals. A few juice boxes are also a good idea. Snacks can be for during your travels or for walking around the park.

Hand Sanitizer

Last but definitely not least, always pack plenty of hand sanitizer. Your hands and the kid’s hands will touch multiple surfaces all day. Make sure you wash your hands before eating, but during the day, a periodic drop of hand sanitizer will keep germ exposure to a minimum.

How To Pack For Disney World In March For Kids

The key to packing for kids when you head to Disney World is fighting boredom. The Park itself is full of wonder and excitement. But children have short attention spans. Waiting in lines can get tedious. Also, the days are very long, and kids of all ages will get tired and cranky. The better prepared you are for this, the happier everyone in the family will be.

In addition to the clothing mentioned earlier, there are essential items you need to pack for the kids.

Autograph Book and Pens

There will be character sightings and the kids will want photographs and autographs. Do not leave this at home and do not leave it out of your day bag or stroller bag. Even better have small drawstring backpacks the kids can carry, with their own items. You also need to pack pens for them to get the signatures.

Ideally, pick pens with clips or retractable sharpies so they can easily attach to the book. You do not need to get an autograph book from Disney, there are more affordable alternatives you can buy before you go. Check out the positive reviews for this autograph book on Amazon.

Disney Pins

The pin trading fun is a beloved activity for kids at Disney World. Get the pins before you go and pack them with your stuff. You can get them at the park, but they are much more expensive. Buying discounted pins before you go saves you money and the kids still get to take part.

Disney Gear

Make sure you pack all the Disney gear you have accumulated before the trip. This includes princess dresses, t-shirts, hats, and of course, Mickey Mouse ears. Kids love to walk around the park in Disney gear, and let’s face it, so do you. You can buy some new things when you are there, but it saves money to bring the items you already have. Chances are the ears and dresses are treasured items that your kids “must have” anyway.

Glow Sticks

Glow sticks are one of those items people do not consider. In fact, many do not even think of them. But, they are essential if you plan on being in the park for evening activities. The nighttime parades and shows are spectacular, and these glow sticks and wands are everywhere. They are also very expensive. Pack some before you go. You get to be the hero and you save money. Check out the wide assortment of glow sticks available at Amazon.

Handheld Games

These are great for those driving to Disney World. You want to pack these for entertainment in the car. Smaller games can also be packed to go in your daypack. This can give the kids something to do during long line waits.

How To Pack For Disney World In March For Toddlers

Remembering to pack items for the little ones in your group is important. They have different needs to you or the bigger kids. The most important item to pack is a stroller. The younger kids will get tired from all the walking, and you do not want to have to carry them around the park.

Make sure they have snacks specific to their tastes. Ideally you want to pre-portion these out into baggies. Snacks and water or juice in their favorite cup need to be packed in a stroller bag. Additional items that you want to pack for the stroller bag for your little ones are below.

  • Diapers and wipes (if needed)
  • Diaper cream
  • Pacifiers and other small toys
  • Scented trash bags (to wrap up diapers if needed)

Sound Machine

Another great item to pack for the trip is a sound machine. The hotels can be noisy, and the park is definitely noisy. Having a sound machine can be soothing to infants and help them sleep. When they are tired and need to nap during the day, bundle them up in the stroller and cover them (ideally you want a stroller that has a cover).

Set up the sound machine so they can be in their own comfortable world. There are options on Amazon for all price ranges, but this compact, travel sound machine will work perfect for you.

Stroller Clips

When traveling with kids, stroller clips are essential. All the loose items you have to carry with you can be easily attached to the stroller. Blankets, toys, Mickey Mouse ears, and sippy cups can end up everywhere. As you navigate through Disney World keep everything in its place. These clips work for your day bag, cameras and the kid’s drawstring backpacks. They will eventually get tired of carrying them. Amazon has the best deals on stroller clips so you can get as many as you’ll need.

How To Pack For Disney World In March If It Rains

Orlando is mostly sunny in March, but this can change in an instant. You should always be prepared for rain. Short of a downpour, you can still head to the Park for fun. As long as you have the right gear and accessories packed for rain, all will be good. You do not necessarily have to take these items to the park with you every day. If the weather looks as though it will be overcast, then you will be glad you packed them.


You can get sets of ponchos for cheap and they work for the whole family. You will be surprised how cheap you can find ponchos on Amazon. This saves on having to bring a waterproof jacket for everyone. Ponchos also fold up easily and can be put away if the sun decides to show up. It is not as easy to fold up and shove jackets into your backpacks.

Travel Umbrella

Plan to include a lightweight, windproof umbrella. This is good to carry with you even if it looks like a sunny day. The weather can change so having a lightweight travel umbrella is handy. This will keep you dry from the elements which often show up all at once in Florida. The best travel umbrellas to get on Amazon are those that come with a lifetime replacement warranty.

Waterproof Backpack

Having a waterproof backpack instead of a regular one has you prepared for everything. Whatever ride you go on; your belongings are safe. Splash Mountain has been known to spray a few of the cars. Several come with waterproof material and high-volume to carry all your goods. These bags can fold up into a small pouch, so they are easy to pack when it is time to head home. Check out the positive reviews on this waterproof backpack on Amazon.

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Helpful Tips On How To Pack For Disney World In March

One of the most helpful things to consider when packing for Disney World is weather. The weather in Florida can change within seconds but looking ahead can give you some guidance. Check the forecast before you go to pack the right clothing. To make sure you do not pack your entire wardrobe, at least pack waterproof clothing. This way if rain shows up, you’re ready.

Additional tips to remember:

  • Pack snacks and water for when you are waiting in lines
  • Pack comfortable shoes
  • Pack extra bags to help carry home items you buy

Is March A Good Time For Disney World

March is one of the best times to visit Walt Disney World. The weather is fair, and you do not have to trek around in blistering heat. March 2020 is a big month for sure as the park debuts the opening of Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway. The beautiful Spring weather brings the beautiful displays at Epcot’s International Flower and Garden Festival.

As for crowds, which is what most travelers are concerned with, they are not too bad. At the beginning of the month, crowd levels are below average levels and above average towards the end of the month.

This is because most schools are on spring break at this time. Since Easter dictates most spring break schedules, you can estimate crowds using this information. When Easter is in March, so is spring break, and this means more crowds.

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Final Thoughts

You want your trip to Walt Disney World to be memorable. You also want to make sure that it goes as smoothly as possible. Knowing what to pack ahead of time will make sure you have what you need.

This means less stress and more time for fun for you and the family. Knowing how to pack for Disney World in March and using this guide keeps you prepared and ready for all the magic Disney has to offer.

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