What Clothes To Pack For Disney World In December

What Clothes To Pack For Disney World In December

You’re heading to the sunshine state and need to know what clothes to pack for Disney World in December. The good news is that Florida does not get as cold in winter as other states.

A trip to Disney World in December will be all about layers. When thinking about what clothes to pack for Disney World in December, you need to be ready for the warmer days, cooler evenings, and the possibility of rain. You want to mainly pack long sleeve shirts, long pants, and a jacket, along with gloves and earmuffs if you get cold easily.

Florida cools down in December. The days will probably be warmer then where you are coming from, but there are cooler temperatures. Especially in the evenings. On average a Florida day in December can be in the low 70s. At night it will drop to anywhere between the high 40s and mid-50s.

This may not be as cold as where you are coming from, but you will feel it. Your body will acclimate quickly to those warmer days, so the nighttime will be chilly. This means you need to pack warmer clothing.

Pack with layers in mind so you can layer up or down easily as the weather warms and cools. We have the guide for you, so packing is not stressful. After all, that is no way to start a vacation.

What Clothes To Pack For Disney World In December

A trip to Disney World in December will be all about layers. When you pack with layers in mind, you will be ready for the warmer days, the cooler evenings, and the possibility of rain.

Each day will have a basic outfit with a t-shirt and long pants. Jeans are okay too but beware that it can rain, and this makes jeans very uncomfortable. Perhaps save the jeans for when you head out to dinner.

One thing you may want to consider is zip off pants. These are popular on Amazon and can work for Disney World in December. Walking around the park all day raises your internal body temperature. You may get hot. Having zip off pants means you can instantly have shorts if you get too hot. This is a better option than packing shorts, because if the weather changes you are ready. And the weather in Central Florida has a habit of changing in an instant.

You want to mainly pack long sleeve shirts or light sweaters/sweatshirts. These can be worn over t-shirts and easily removed should it get too warm.

In addition to the shirts and comfortable pants, the essential December items you want to pack include:

Down Jacket

You do not need a heavy down jacket, something light will work perfectly. Ideally the thinner ones are best as you can roll them up to fit in your bag. You can find the perfect lightweight down jacket on Amazon for a great price. They do not take up a lot of luggage space, and the down will keep you warm in the evenings. Some down jackets are also waterproof which will double as rain protection. If not, don’t worry. There are cheap ponchos you can carry with you to cover up when it rains.

Ear Covers

Whether you get a hat that has ear flaps or earmuffs, you want to cover your ears at night. Some jackets may come with a hood, in which case you do not need ear coverage. If you are not used to cooler nights, then a reliable pair of earmuffs or a hat is a good idea, even with a hood. Hats are better since they keep your body heat from being lost. Wool beanies can be pulled down to cover your ears and the back of your neck. This is beneficial if you do not have a hood or an added bonus when you do. Check out this wooly beanie I bought on Amazon to keep your ears and head warm at night.


Most people think that because they have pockets, they do not need gloves. After all you are not building a snowman. However, because your body restricts blood flow to central organs when it is cold, your hands and feet are more vulnerable to temperature drops.

Pockets will not cut it as they are not insulated. You don’t need huge snow gloves, just a nice pair of wool gloves or mittens to make sure your fingernails don’t turn blue.

Sensible Shoes

Your trip to Disney means walking, walking, and more walking. Your kids will drag you all over the park and then back again. If you have the wrong shoes, you will be sorry. You want to avoid sandals in case the temperature drops as your feet are susceptible to the cold just like your hands. Buy some comfy wool socks to keep your feet warm. They also allow your feet to breathe so you don’t have to worry about getting too hot. Choose a sensible pair of walking sneakers. I recently purchased Skechers Men’s Go Max-Athletic Air Mesh Slip On Walking Shoes (link to Amazon) and they work great. Choose from some of the best brands on Amazon, and get sensible shoes you can rely on. Blisters and Disney do not go well together.


Chances are you will want to bring some swimwear. The hotel pools are heated and of course the hot tub is inviting. Pack swimsuits for the family so you can enjoy a dip in the warm pool. You will likely not be heading to the water parks or beaches so no need to pack towels. The hotel will have towels for you to use at the pool.

One final thing to bring is extra bags. You will likely be doing a ton of shopping along the Disney Promenade and through the park. Packing extra travel bags will make sure you do not have to try and cram everything in when it is time to go home. Having smaller drawstring bags also means you can carry things you pick up at the park with you more easily. When you have a bag to put toys on the kids are less likely to drop them or leave them on a ride.

What Kids Clothes To Pack For Disney World In December

Your kids will need similar clothing items to you. Start off their layers with t-shirts or long-sleeved shirts and a pair of comfortable pants. Chances are they will want something Disney themed, so grab a character shirt on Amazon. They are affordable so you can get one for them to wear each day you are there.

Winter Jacket

Children get colder than adults, so make sure they have a warm jacket with hood to wear over their long-sleeved shirt or sweater. As with your jacket, a down filled, thin coat with a hood is ideal for the little ones and teenagers. Amazon has the best selection when it comes to these jackets, all you need to do is let them pick the color they want.

Ear Protection

For younger kids, you want to pack earmuffs. Ideally some Disney ones will work best as replacements for the Mickey Mouse ears, they might not be able to wear when it’s cool. For older kids and teenagers, stick with a wool beanie that can be worn under the hood of their jacket. If they get too warm, the beanie can be removed. It works to protect their head and ears and they can pick from any of the top brands on Amazon like this Jordan Jumpman 23 boys beanie. We know how important image is to the older kids.


Pack some wool gloves or mittens to keep their hands warm. At the parades in the evening, they will want to show off their glow sticks, and you want their hands covered. Find affordable wool gloves for all the kids on Amazon at affordable prices. In addition to this you may want to grab some hand warmers. Kids love these. They will be easily distracted by fireworks and the character parade, but when they realize it is actually cold, hand warmers from Amazon come in handy.


Pack some sensible and comfortable sneakers for the kids. They can use wool socks just like you to keep their toes warm. There are many great brands and affordable shoes on Amazon for kids of all ages. Ideally, you want to go with a mesh shoe so their feet can breathe. Make sure there is also good support for the extended amount of walking they will be doing.

Don’t forget to pack their Mickey mouse ears and autograph books too!

What Toddler Clothes To Pack For Disney World In December

Toddlers will need similar clothing to the other children. They also need layers including some comfortable pants and a long-sleeved Disney shirt. Sweatpants and joggers usually work best for toddlers. Pack a warm jacket for them along with a lightweight wool hat and mittens. Mittens are better than gloves when it comes to small children (link to Amazon). Mittens trap the air around their fingers delivering better insulation. They also need to have sensible shoes and wool socks.

In addition to these clothing items, there are additional things you want to pack for your toddler. They will not walk as much as everyone else because they will be riding in the stroller for a lot of the day. At night when it is cooler, you want to keep them warm in their stroller. Not moving around makes them more susceptible to cooler temperatures. A microfleece blanket is perfect for them to snuggle under when it cools down. Find a colorful microfleece blanket at Amazon that folds up easily into the stroller when not in use.

You also need to pack extra clothes and a spare outfit will need to be carried with you each day. Should any accidents happen, you want a clean outfit for your toddler. Nothing is worse than having to sit in a stroller in dirty clothing. A handy drawstring bag from Amazon will carry whatever spare clothing you need, And you can wrap the soiled clothes in a Ziploc bag to carry back to the hotel.

What Clothes To Pack For Disney World In December If It Rains

You may be in a warmer climate than you are used to, but Central Florida loves to change its weather, almost instantly. Clouds and rain can roll in from out of nowhere. Lightning even likes to show up too in December. You may get lucky and not see one drop of rain, but this is a very slim possibility. So, you should pack with rain in the forecast, even if the weather channel isn’t talking about it yet.


You may have a waterproof down jacket, or you may not. It doesn’t hurt to have a pack of ponchos with you too. You can get a pack of ponchos with multiple sizes for the whole family on Amazon. Ponchos are great because they roll or fold up very small and can be easily carried around in your day bags. They also dry quickly, so you can put them away again just as easily when the sun comes back out.

Travel Umbrella

Always pack a compact travel umbrella when you head to Disney in December. Ponchos are great for a day at the park, but when heading out to dinner or to walk along the Disney Boardwalk, umbrellas are more suitable. You can get compact travel umbrellas on Amazon for really cheap, so all members of the family will be covered. Their compact size means they can be easily stowed away and will not be a nuisance should you not need them.

Stroller Cover

The last waterproof item to pack is a cover for the stroller. Some strollers have covers but many are not waterproof. This rain cover on Amazon is a one-size-fits-all. You can easily and quickly cover the stroller and your toddler when the clouds turn grey. It is removed just as easily and folded up when the rain has gone away.

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Helpful Tips On What Clothes To Pack For Disney World In December

The best advice for travel to Disney in December is to pack layers. In addition to this, it is helpful to remember the following things.

  • The weather changes all the time
  • Plan alternative events for rainy days
  • Pack snacks as well as entertainment for the kids at the park
  • Bring an extra pair of shoes for everyone, in case one pair gets wet

Is It Cold At Disney World In December?

The weather in Central Florida in December changes. It can vary from warm days in the mid-70s to cool evenings. There have been nights that reach into the 40s, so it can be cold. You will likely be strolling the Boardwalk or watching parades and fireworks at night. You want to be warm.

The climate in December may not be as cold as where you are coming from, but the daily change will impact you. As your body enjoys the warm sunny day, that sudden drop at night will feel colder to you. The humidity in Florida also creates an additional chill in the air that you may not be used to.

The challenge with Florida weather is how quickly it can change. Forecasts are really not helpful. Plan for all situations and it may not be freezing, but it will be cold.

Final Thoughts

Disney is fun for the family no matter when you go. But you do want to make sure you get the most from your trip. By packing according to our guide on what clothes to pack for Disney World in December, you will have all the essentials.

December is a tricky month in Florida because it is both warm and cool. We are confident that with our guide and recommendations, you will be prepared for whatever weather comes your way. The focus of your trip will be all the Disney magic and family fun.

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