About Us

Who doesn’t like going to Disney World, Sea World or Universal?  Orlando Florida is the theme park capital of the world.  Millions of people travel to Orlando every year to go to the theme parks, beaches and other attractions that Orlando has to offer.  It is all about fun and entertainment.

Who Am I

My name is Drew Thomas and Orlando Florida is where my family and I have called home for over 35 years.  My wife and 3 kids, 2 teenagers and 1 six-year-old, love going to theme parks and other attractions on a regular basis.  Every year, we have annual passes to at least 2 of the theme parks.  We usually rotate from Disney, to Universal, to Sea World, to Busch Gardens and then to Water Parks.

When I was younger, every year my parents would buy my brothers and I season passes to Disney World and Universal.  We went almost every weekend for many years.  I remember my mom would drop my older brother and I off at the front gates to the theme parks and we would stay there all-day riding rides and exploring the parks.  I had a love for Disney and Universal that has lasted to this day.

When I got married to my wife, come to find out that her parents worked at some of the theme parks, so we were able to get into the parks for free.  Her mother worked for Disney for over 20 years and her father worked for Universal.  I learned all of the tips and tricks that the cast members know on how to explore the park, set FastPasses properly, use child swap, when are the busiest times to go and how the backstage areas work.

Why I Made This Website

If my family and I aren’t at one of the theme parks, then we are at other attractions or shopping areas in Orlando.  We are always on the go.  We have learned a lot over the years and now we are sharing some of the travel tips and tricks that we have learned with you.

All 3 of my children are autistic so it’s very difficult for them to make friends and go outside on a regular basis.  We have found the best way for them to get out is to go to the theme parks.  They love riding roller coasters and seeing the shows at the parks.

I hope that the tips, tricks and travel gear that you learn on this website will help you have a better experience when you visit Orlando.  At times it can be very busy here so any helpful advice can go a long way to improve your vacation.

The first tip I want to give you is when to visit Disney World.  Just put in your email address to download a crowd calendar that shows you what days are the busiest times at Disney World theme parks, so you can properly plan your vacation.  You will also receive a FastPass cheatsheet that shows you all the rides that offer Fastpass and the different tier statuses.

When I’m not working on this website, I also enjoy publishing articles on my other website at funintheyard.com where I share tips to create the best backyard experience with yard games, party ideas, outdoor living and lawn & garden ideas.

I hope you enjoy this site!