What To Pack For Disney World In Summer

What To Pack For Disney World In Summer

Florida summers are hot, so you need to know what to pack for Disney World in summer. The heat and humidity are going to be a given and we want you to stay comfortable so you can enjoy your vacation.

The key to what to pack for Disney World in the Summer is beating the heat. This involves moisture-wicking clothing. Avoid cotton if you can or get a cotton-polyester blend. The more breathable the fabric the cooler you will stay. You also want to choose lighter colors that will reflect the sun away from you. You also need to focus on footwear. You will be on your feet a lot, so you want comfortable shoes.

Preparing for a summer trip to Disney World is essential, not only will the weather be a challenge, but the crowds will be huge. Despite the uncomfortable weather, thousands flock to the theme parks every summer. Along with the essential items we recommend, you also need to bring a lot of patience.

It is not hard to handle 90-degree heat by itself. What makes the Florida summers a challenge is the heat mixed with the humidity. You can hang out in air-conditioned locations as much as possible, but what about the theme park rides?

You will be outside for most of the day at the parks, and the weather will be trying its best to make you sweaty and uncomfortable. Follow our guide and we will keep you comfortable. You got there and we don’t want the weather to dampen your fun in any way.

What To Pack For Disney World In Summer

The key to packing for Disney World in the summer is beating the heat. To help you do that we have a few essential items you do not want to leave home without.

Misting Fan Water Bottle

The park will have these because they know how much you will need and want one. But they are also way overpriced. Grab a misting fan water bottle on Amazon for a much cheaper price before you go. Get a couple for the whole family. Keep them stored in the fridge in your hotel room until you go to the park. Pack extra batteries for the bottle too.

Cooling Towels

These are great for hanging around your neck when you wait in lines. You can also wipe down your face through the day. The dampness of the towels evaporates which provides a cooling effect for your skin. All you need to do is get the towel wet, wring it out, and keep using it for the whole day. There are a number of top brand cooling towels available on Amazon so you can get them for your whole crew.

Insulated Bottle

Staying hydrated is essential to keeping cool and for your health. The extreme heat and humidity can easily cause dehydration and exhaustion if you are not careful. Invest in an insulated water bottle from Amazon so you can have cool water all day. Numerous places around the park will refill your bottles with ice water whenever you run out.

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Phone Charger

Not related to the heat, but a necessary item. Check Amazon for a portable charger to keep your devices alive all day. You will want the phone for pictures and to guide you around the park. Phones are also used to access Disney apps that help you with wait times and restaurant information. Having your phone die would be a major inconvenience.

What To Pack For Disney World Theme Parks In Summer

You now know the accessories you need to pack for a summer trip to Disney World. There are also specific clothing items you want to have. In addition to your Disney shirts or tank tops and shorts, you also need to pack these essential summer items.

Moisture-Wicking Fabrics

Whatever clothing you bring, make sure it is made from moisture-wicking fabrics. Cotton is a common clothing item, but it only soaks up the water and does not release it. Polyester and nylon are commonly found in workout clothing and are the best for wicking moisture. Checkout the assortment of moisture-wicking clothes on Amazon. An added bonus of these materials is that they dry quickly after you get wet on Splash Mountain. Pack enough so that you can change your clothes each day. You will want new clothing for your nighttime adventures.


You will be walking more than 10 miles a day when you are at the parks. Being able to change your footwear is a guaranteed way to keep your feet comfortable. Pack a pair of comfortable walking sneakers and a sandal. Crocs from Amazon are a great sandal choice because they are waterproof and keep your feet cool. They are not the best in terms of fashion, but they are comfortable. Make sure you also pack comfortable socks and never bring brand new shoes.

Wearable Travel Wallet

Keep your personal items and money safe with a wearable travel wallet (link to Amazon). These are discreet and can be hidden under clothing. Pickpockets will not know you have them and you have easy access to your cards and cash. Many of the styles you can get from Amazon are lightweight and also have space to hold your phone too.

What To Pack For Disney World Water Parks In Summer

If one or two of your days will be spent at the water parks, then you need to pack some additional items. Be prepared for big crowds at the water parks. Everyone heads there (even the locals) on hot summer days. No need to pack towels as the parks have them for you and you can also borrow towels from the hotels too.


This may seem obvious, but the key is to bring two swimsuits. Whether you are going to the water parks or swimming in your hotel pool, you want to have two suits. This way you can always be sure that you have one that is dry and ready to go.

Water Socks

Walking around water parks can be hard on your feet. Many like to wear flip-flops, but you have to take these off any time you go on a ride. Skip the inconvenience and get water socks instead. You can protect your feet and you don’t have to worry about taking them on and off. Amazon has a great selection of water socks, so make sure you get them for the whole family.

First Aid Kit

There are lifeguards and first-aid services at all the parks, but it is helpful to have a small first-aid kit of your own. Cuts and scrapes can happen on the rides and you want quick and easy access to bandages and ointment. Find a small first-aid kit on Amazon to put in your day bag or store in a rented locker. Having it on hand will bring peace of mind for any boo-boos your kids may get.

Waterproof Phone Case

You can always bring a waterproof camera, but phones are used for taking pictures more often these days. To keep your phone safe, pack a waterproof case from Amazon. This means you can take your phone with you on every water slide and capture all the action shots and water fun.

What To Pack For Disney World In Summer For Families

Accessories and clothing are covered. You also need to bring some additional items that are geared for the whole family. These items are perfect for families traveling to Disney World in the summer.

Packing Cubes

These space saver bags from Amazon will be your favorite purchase. They are the handiest way to pack for families because you can keep everyone’s stuff separate. These cubes also allow you to keep all the dirty clothes separate from the clean ones. The best part is the cubes are color coded, so things stay organized even in the hotel room.

Headache Medicine

The heat and humidity combined with the crowds is the perfect combination for a headache. You don’t want that to ruin your fun or make you irritable, so be sure to pack headache medicine. Carry it with you in your day bag. If you are traveling with children be sure to bring some for them too.


Yes, there is food everywhere, but this can add up to a big bill if you are not careful. The lines for snacks will also be almost as long as the lines for the rides. Be smart and pack some snacks before you go. You can use Ziploc bags or some of the handy snack packs available on Amazon. Be sure to pack snacks for everyone in your group.


Pack a sun hat for everyone. Hats with a wide brim are the best as they provide the most coverage. Amazon has several affordable styles and types, so you can find a sun hat for everyone in the family. Baseball hats also work well for the boys. If possible, get one that has a chin strap as this helps keep the hat in place. This is especially important for kids to keep the hat in place as they run around.

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Last but not least, is sunscreen. You will be under the sun all day and need to stay protected. Buy a high SPF sunscreen and cover every part of you. Ideally, you want a waterproof sunscreen to make sure it stays on after any water rides. Even if you are already accustomed to sunshine, the long-term exposure you and the kids will get each day is dangerous. Keep yourself and the kids safe by applying sunscreen regularly throughout the day.

What To Pack For Disney World In Summer For Kids

The clothing you pack for your kids will be similar to what you pack for yourself. There are additional items you want to pack for their needs.

Glow Sticks and Light Up Toys

The parades and fireworks are the highlight of Disney World at night. You will likely visit them every night you are there. Everywhere around you vendors will be selling light up toys and glow sticks. Be warned these are very overpriced. Your kids do not need to be disappointed though, because you can bring your own. Grab a handful of light up items from Amazon at a more affordable price. Your kids can take part in the nighttime fun without making your wallet scream.

Water Flavor Drops

Not all kids like drinking water, but you need to keep them hydrated. You have the insulated water bottles already and can refill them around the park. Now, you need some flavor water drops with electrolytes to add to the water. The flavors make it easier for kids to drink water as they prefer the taste. It also reduces the amount of times they will ask for sugary sodas. You’ll be surprised at the number of water flavor drops on Amazon, so stock up before you go.

Autograph Books

Your kids will want pictures and autographs for every character they see. Yes, the park has these available at every kiosk and store in the park, but you will pay way too much. You can find autograph books on Amazon to save money. You can even get a Disney-theme one which will make your child smile. Interacting with the character is always the highlight of their trip.

Disney Toys

Rather than spend a ton of money at the Disney stores, buy a few things on Amazon before you go. This way your kids get Disney-themed items to carry around the park with them. You can still get them souvenirs from the park before you head home.


Kids of all ages will get bored when traveling. Even when surrounded by Disney magic, they will get bored at times. The travels and the hotel room can be specific times when kids will need something to do. Bring books, travel games, and even a tablet to keep them entertained. If budget is an issue, then check Amazon for the best deals on affordable tablets for kids.

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What To Pack For Disney World In Summer For Toddlers

For the younger members of the family, there are some important items you need to pack. The items mentioned above for kids can also apply to the toddlers in your family. In addition to those, make sure you have the essential items below.


Toddlers will want to walk and explore the park too, but they will get tired. On a hot, humid summer day, the last thing you want to do is carry your toddler around. Bring a stroller for them. Strollers also offer places to carry bags and other items, so you do not need to carry much on your person.

There is ample storage space to stow away stuff that you buy and the extra stuff you bring like water bottles and snacks. The stroller is also the perfect place for the little ones to take a nap without the sun glaring on them.

Toddler Leash

For when your toddler is awake and active, get a toddler leash. Many kids are independent and don’t want to be in the stroller, but you need to keep them safe. Get a Disney-themed leash from Amazon that your toddler will adore. Don’t worry about people at Disney World judging you. Lashes are used by most parents as an acceptable way to keep your toddlers safe. When they are on the leash and roaming, they are not screaming in the stroller. Everyone wins.

Diaper Bag

Whether in diapers or potty-training, you want to have a diaper bag stocked with essentials. Pack what you will need in terms of diapers, creams, and wipes for the day. Amazon has perfect diaper bags that can be easily stored on the stroller. If you do run out there are Huggies Baby Care Centers in the Park. They offer supplies and an air-conditioned place to change your toddler or nurse your baby. They are equipped with clean and comfortable changing rooms as well as private nursing rooms. With the thousands of people at the parks, be sure to have your own supplies, and know you have places to go when diaper-duty calls.

What To Pack For Disney World In Summer If It Rains

As sure as you can be of heat and humidity in the summer, you can also be sure of rain. Florida is known to get summer rainstorms, so you need to be prepared. The best way to pack for rain is to assume it will happen each day. The weather in Florida changes quickly and you don’t want to be caught unprepared. The items below will keep you dry and are easy to carry along with you in your day bag or stroller.


You can get ponchos at the parks, but they will be pricey. You can get a bargain on ponchos for the whole family from Amazon before you go. They roll up and can fit in your bags. You will never know they are here but will be thankful they are when the rain clouds roll in. They are also lightweight, so you won’t get too hot. The rain will still be accompanied by the humidity.

Stroller Cover

Strollers come with covers, but these are typically designed to keep the sun off a sleeping toddler. Invest in a rain cover for your stroller to keep your toddler dry too. Find rain covers that fit all strollers on Amazon. They attach easily to the stroller so you can cover up the second the weather starts to change.

Travel Umbrella

A rain cover for the stroller means your toddler doesn’t need an umbrella, but you do. There will be times when you do not want to wear a poncho such as heading out for dinner or the nighttime fireworks shows at the Park. Having a compact travel umbrella or two packed in your day bag will keep the rain away for the shorter outings you have planned. Checkout the deals on Amazon where you can get umbrellas for an affordable price.

Helpful Tips On What To Pack For Disney World In Summer

Traveling to Florida and Disney World in the summer will be a fun vacation for sure. The important tips to remember to make sure you have a great time include:

  • Prepare for the rain
  • Have a back plan in case whether changes your plans or the little kids get restless
  • Remember comfort and not fashion
  • Buy before you go to save money
  • Have patience

What Should I Wear To Disney When It’s Hot?

The key to clothing for a Disney World trip in the summer is keeping cool. This involves moisture-wicking clothing. Avoid cotton if you can or get a cotton-polyester blend. The more breathable the fabric the cooler you will stay.

Moisture-wicking materials like polyester will also draw the moisture from your skin to reduce discomfort. You can also look for shirts with UV protection on Amazon to keep you safe and cool. You also want to choose lighter colors that will reflect the sun away from you.

You also need to focus on footwear. You will be on your feet, so you want comfortable shoes. As long as you do not care about fashion, crocs are the best footwear to get for the trip. You can get them for the whole family, they keep your feet cool, and dry quickly after those water rides. You’ll find that when it comes to Disney World, crocs are actually very much in season.

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How Do You Stay Cool In Disney World In The Summer?

You can count on the heat and you can count on the humidity. You can also count on them ruining your fun if you are not prepared. To keep cool as you stroll through the park in summer make sure you have a good sun hat. Opt for a lighter color to reflect the sun away from your head.

You should also bring some additional accessories with you. A refillable water bottle as well as a misting fan water bottle will help keep you cool. Amazon also has portable handheld fans you can bring with you. There are several brands that plug into your phone or tablet with a USB so it can go anywhere you go.

Final Thoughts

The Summer in Florida is the perfect getaway, especially when you live somewhere less sunny. You get sun, sea, sand, and Disney. You also get crowds, high temperatures, and humidity. These factors do not have to dampen your fun. When you are prepared and pack accordingly, you will make the best of whatever comes your way.

The mindset you have will be your greatest asset when it comes to a summer Disney World trip. All the factors will be present to irritate you and make you uncomfortable. You need to pack patience and we have taken care of the other packing for you. With our recommendations on what to pack for Disney World in Summer, you will be prepared and prepped for nothing but Disney magic and fun.

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