Best Tablet For Kids Under $200

Best Tablet For Kids Under $200

There are tablets online everywhere, but which is the best tablet for kids under $200? Having a tablet for your kids is an easy way to keep them entertained on travels, so you can focus on getting to your destination.

The best tablet for kids under $200 is the Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet. It has at least 4GB of RAM, a fast Intel Core CPU, at least 8GB of internal storage, a large display screen and at least 8 to 10 hours of battery life.

The top 6 best tablets for kids that cost under $200 include:

Tablets are becoming household items these days. Every family either has one or wants to get one. They are great for so many things. One of the best reasons to have a tablet is for your kids. They can learn, communicate with family, and play games. Most importantly, they are great devices for when you take a family vacation.

We have designed a guide for you to find the best tablet for kids under $200.There are so many options out there, finding a great deal can be a challenge.

Having a tablet for your family vacations is perfect for keeping kids busy. They can play while they wait in line for rides, on the plane, in the car, and in the hotel room. The best part is that you do not have to spend a fortune. We have the top three tablets for you to consider for under $200.

Features Needed In The Best Tablet For Kids Under $200

There are a few important features to consider when looking for a tablet. The following features of tablets are important to consider and verify when shopping for a tablet for the kids.

Features you need in a tablet for kids:


Also known as memory, RAM is an important feature. iOS and Android operating systems both manage RAM so it is not often considered a selling point. Typically, more expensive tablets will have larger RAM.

In general, most tablets range in RAM between 1GB and 4GB of memory space. RAM essentially holds all the data so the more you have, the more games and applications you can have on a tablet.


The central processing unit of a tablet is the processor. All computers and tablets have these. It performs calculation, logic, controlling, and input/output operations.

It is the center of tablet operation and consists of a network of extensive circuits. The most popular and reliable CPU is Intel Core, which is commonly found in tablets today.

Internal Storage

Where RAM is the short-term memory for the tablet, internal storage is the long-term memory. The lower end of storage for tablets is 8GB or 16GB. You can find tablets with storage up to 128GB. It is also not unusual to find notebooks with as much as 256GB.

You can find tablets that include SD card readers to allow for increased storage capacity. If you do not use the tablet much, the lower GB range is probably sufficient. A tablet for kids will have numerous apps, so you want to look for a higher GB internal storage, at least 32GB.

Display Size

The display size refers to the screen. The screen or display is what determines the size of the tablet, which is the diagonal measurement across the screen. Display sizes can vary between as small as 5 inches to as wide as 20 inches.

Larger screens are less portable but easier to read. Smaller ones are easier to carry when traveling but may be harder to see movies and games on. For kids a larger screen will be better, but you also want a size that will easily fit in your bags.


Battery life matters if you plan on using the tablets for family trips. Traveling can involve car rides, airport waits, flying, and delays. A longer battery life will be better suited for traveling with kids. Some tablets only run for as little as 2 hours before a charge is needed.

The standard battery life for tablets is between 8 and 10 hours, so this is what you need in a tablet for kids. Of course, you also want to bring the charger to get it loaded up each time you are at the hotel. I found a cheap charger on Amazon that has worked great for me.

Parental Settings In Tablet For Kids

You need to choose a tablet that has parental controls, and this is pretty standard with tablets today. These controls protect your children by restricting how they use the device. It reduces any possible misguidance by online sources too. They do not get access to harmful links and inappropriate sites or applications.

In many cases it is wise to get a tablet that allows remote access. Older children and teenagers may figure out how to change the parental locks. With remote access, you can control the device to prevent them from making changes. You can also access what they are viewing.

Settings are also available to limit screen time. The devices will turn off once the amount of time you set is passed. On vacation, you will probably not need this feature, except maybe to turn off at bedtime, so they don’t stay up all night.

A Parental Control app will work with kids of all ages. It can be added to all tablets and devices and limits app activity, browsing, and can track their location. The tracking location is a beneficial feature when traveling, in the event you get separated from your kids. Teenagers do like to go explore on their own at times.

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Best Apps To Use On Tablet For Kids

The apps and programs you want to get for the tablet will depend on how old your kids are. Some of the most popular apps are listed below for both younger children and older children. Remember that the more kids you have, the more apps you will need. Your tablet will need the appropriate storage space to cover this.

Best Apps For Younger Kids

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

This fun monkey-themed game has several levels teaching kids about shapes, colors, counting and spelling. The monkey asks for help and kids are always eager to assist him. They don’t even realize they are learning.

Getting a wrong answer does not cause you to lose points, so kids get a chance to learn and try again. The friendly monkey, bright colors, and easy controls make it a great app for young kids.


Another fun learning program that kids love is Bee-Bot. They play through fun, brightly colored levels, learning language and directions. Over 12 levels, they can get faster and ear stars. This app has been proven to be a winner for kids aged 4 and up.

PBS Kids App

With the PBS Kids App, kids get to watch their favorite learning cartoons, and play games. Games are based on age and center on the characters from their favorite PBS cartoons.

Season after season of PBS kids shows are available and you can stream live TV too. Kids learn, play, and watch TV with this multi-functional app designed just for them.

Best Apps For Older Kids

Cut The Rope

This app/game is taking over the technological world. An alien named Om Nom needs help to get his candy. There are ropes to cut and bubbles to pop to help him do this. Your kids need to figure that out.

This is a critical thinking and puzzle game that older kids love, and it keeps them entertained for hours. Every level gets harder and frustration levels get higher. But this only spurs them on to keep trying to cut the right ropes for om Nom. Cut the Rope 2 is also now available.

Angry Birds

One of the best free games for kids of any age really but preferred by older kids. Angry Birds is a part of our culture with movies and merchandise everywhere. It all started with this addictive and humorous game.

The levels and puzzles all center on using birds to destroy pig-built structures. The kids love it. As you beat different levels you unlock new birds with different powers.

Once completed, have no fear, there are a handful of sequels that can be added to the tablet, Angry Birds Star Wars, and Angry Birds Friends.


When you are looking for an app for the whole family, Netflix is your answer. This one app provides access to TV shows and movies for the whole family.

The best part is that parents can open special accounts for each kid and put locks on programs that are not suitable for them to watch. Adding the Netflix app is a win-win for everyone, and kids love watching their favorite movies over and over.

Best Cases for Tablets for Kids

When you get a tablet for your kids, you want to get a case. Even the most careful teenagers can drop a tablet. No matter how much you spend on your tablet, you want to protect it from accidents. Some of the top-rated cases on Amazon are below for you to check out.

ArmorBox KIDO Series

When you use the ArmorBox cover (link to Amazon) you do not have to worry about the little ones taking over. It will come back to you in the same condition. The case is fortified with several layers of the most durable silicone-like thermoplastic polyurethane. This defends it against any falls and drops. The perfectly sized handle is great for kids and can be folded backwards to serve as a stand.

Gumdrop Hideaway Case With Kickstand

This rugged silicone case found on Amazon, protects your tablet should your kids fall or drop it. It is made from the most durable TPU and is reinforced by several layers. The tread design is heavy-duty which protects it from spills as much as falls.

Screen and ports are also covered and protected. The underlying frame is rigid to protect the tablet even after multiple drops. The built-in screen protector prevents scratches to your tablet screen. This case also comes with a stand that folds away and is held in place by magnetic strips.

Best Educational Tablets for Kids Under $200

Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet

The Kids Edition of the popular Fire HD 8 is a wonderful educational tool. The case is durable, so you do not need to get an additional case. It also has enough storage space to hold games and educational applications. The parental controls allow you to keep your child off sites you do not want them on.

The screen resolution is higher than standard tablets, for a unique learning experience. This 8-inch size is perfect for kids’ hands and the bright colors let your child express themselves.

For the first year, this tablet comes with Unlimited access to age-appropriate books, games, and educational apps for free. It also has an excellent battery life, providing your kids with learning and fun for hours.

ASUS ZenPad Z8s

The metallic finish on the Asus ZenPad Z8s tablet (on Amazon I was able to get a used, very good condition ZenPad Z8s for a cheap price) makes it look classic and modern at the same time.

The trimmed edges and refined style are coupled with reliable and quality technology. The 8-inch screen has great resolution for a tablet of its size, thanks to the ASUS TruVivid technology.

The Aluminum Body protective layer makes it suitable for kids, and with a case it will be safe from any drops. The 16GB of storage can be increased to 256 with a microSD card. This allows it to hold games, movies and applications for the whole family. Take the best selfies with the camera and use Wi-Fi anywhere with the 4G LTE support included.

Best Android Tablet for Kids Under $200

Lenovo Tab 10 Inch Tablet

The Lenovo Tab 4 is a great tablet for those on a budget (check out on Amazon). The 10-inch screen is perfect for movies and games alike. The design is sleek and easily fits into most tablet covers for extra protection.

It comes with a kids control feature that makes it ideal for children. The bright display will keep them entertained for hours on the plane or in the hotel.

The quality screed display, high RAM, and powerful SnapDragon processor of this tablet makes it feel as though you have a home theater at your fingertips.

It also is equipped with a camera for the perfect selfies while you wait in line for rides. Nothing is better than seeing pictures of the trip from your kids’ point of view. With a 20-hour battery, you will be good to go all day.

Vankyo MatrixPad Z4 10 inch Tablet

With the MatrixPad Z4 10 inch tablet (link to Amazon), you get a high-quality, crisp, and high-definition display perfect for all the best cartoons. The long battery life is great for making sure the kids have something to do for every trip.

There are multiple cameras so they can take their own pictures of their favorite things on vacation. There is no issue with connectivity and movies can be enjoyed with a Dolby premium audio system.

When in airplane mode, you can turn on the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features, so your kids can use it on the plane without issue. It is light and portable yet durable.

The screen cover included protects the screen from scratches when not in use. The bubble screensaver is easily removed when you need to use the touchscreen feature to change to a new game or show.

Best Amazon Fire Kids Tablet Under $200

Fire HD 10 Tablet

This is the largest and most premium tablet from Amazon. It is not as low in price as the HD7 or HD 8, but the Fire HD 10 tablet is an amazing deal for under $200. You get the Amazon Prime subscription so the kids can enjoy all their favorite movies and TV shows. The larger display with full-HD resolution and powerful stereo speakers are perfect for movies.

It even comes with a voice-controlled Alexa feature. Your kids will love asking to rewind without a remote. The battery life is not as long as the smaller Fire HD tablets, but it is still decent and will keep your kids entertained for hours.

Fire HD 8 Tablet

The upgraded version of the Fire HD 7, the Fire HD 8 tablet has 50% more RAM, which means more memory for you. Your kids will love watching cartoons and playing games with the vivid and high-resolution imaging. The screen is designed to have less glare, making it safer for kid’s eyes.

You can increase the 16GB storage to 400GB with a microSD card so you can store large files like videos and movies without slowing it down. You get 10 hours of battery life which is enough to keep kids busy on the plane or in the car. It has also been tested and proven durable against spills, tumbles, and drops.

Best Samsung Tablet For Kids Under $200

Samsung Galaxy Tab A

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A (found on Amazon) comes with a sleek design and high-quality HD graphics. This tablet is slightly heavier in weight than other models, but it is designed to be easy to carry. Adding a carrying case will make it easy for your kids to hold on to.

You get 32GB of storage which is more than enough for all their favorite games and applications. You also get a camera with HDR more which captures great selfies and clear pictures of your vacation. Even when playing movies all day that drain battery life, you still get up to 13 hours of entertainment.

Samsung Galaxy Tab E

A sleek, slim, and powerful tablet from Samsung, the Galaxy Tab E (link to Amazon) is a tablet fit for your kids. This tablet has a lot of power and is the best option for older kids. This more mature-looking tablet with its sleek and modern design is ideal for teenagers.

It is light, easy to carry, and has a large bright color display with high resolution. Games are vivid and movies come to life. It also loads at lightning speeds which is perfect for impatient teenagers.

Helpful Tips On Selecting The Best Tablet For Kids Under $200

When it comes to getting a tablet for the kids, you mostly need to consider what it will be used for. This will help you narrow down the features that matter to you. Helpful tips to consider when deciding what features you need include:

  • The age of your children
  • What applications will be used
  • How much storage space you need
  • The appearance of the device
  • How heavy is it
  • Does it have parental controls already

Final Thoughts

Tablets are great tools for both learning and entertainment. Many of the games and applications for children today combine learning with fun. What better way for them to spend their time when stuck on a plane then learning in a fun way. They can play during down time at the hotel or when the line for their favorite ride is really long.

Tablets offer relief to parents by keeping kids busy. The right tablet will be your kids’ favorite companion on any vacation. We found the best tablets for your kids under $200 and shared the features you want to look for. All you must do now is let your kid pick their favorite color.

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