What To Pack For A 3 Day Vacation

What To Pack For A 3 Day Vacation

The mini getaway is planned, so you just need to know what to pack for a 3 day vacation. The destination can be sun, sea, snow, or somewhere in between. We will make sure you have whatever you need.

Packing for a 3 day vacation can be done quickly, if you plan ahead. Travel light with either one small bag per person or one giant suitcase with everyone’s clothes in it. The last thing you want to do is over pack. Depending on where you are going and what season you are traveling, different items will be needed.

The best part about packing for a 3 day vacation is that you get to travel light. One small bag per person. Or everybody’s stuff in one giant suitcase. Either way, packing for a 3 day vacation is a cinch. So long as you know where you are going, and what you’ll be doing, the packing is the easy part.

Packing for a 3 day vacation can be done quickly, if you plan ahead. Knowing what you will be doing will dictate what you need. Our guide below advises on all the things you will need for 3 days.

No matter what your destination. Summer, Spring, Winter, and Fall, we will make sure you pack exactly what you need for a 3 day vacation.

What To Pack For A 3 Day Vacation

Depending on where you are going and what you are doing, you can pack all you need with our guide. A 3 day vacation is a short getaway, but it can be easy to go overboard on packing. You don’t even need an outfit for each day. You can mix and match items to create outfits, bringing minimal clothing items. As for additional items, it is worth bringing swimwear, rainwear, and entertainment items.

3 days may seem short, but you can get a lot accomplished. You can fit in a theme park, although that will take up the entire trip. If you are not traveling for theme park fun, your destination will offer restaurants, tourist attractions, outdoor activities, and shopping. These are the factors to consider when packing, and the guide below will help you.

There are certain items you will want to pack, regardless of where you are headed. These items are helpful for all vacations.

Travel Wallet

Having a travel wallet means you can keep your money and other valuables safe. Pickpockets are everywhere, and it helps to keep these items hidden. Wallet belts can be found on Amazon and easily hide under clothing. Keep hotel key cards, wallet, phone, passport, or valuables in here as you explore.


A backpack is more practical than a day bag or purse. They can usually hold more thanks to the numerous pockets and pouches. Also, a backpack keeps your hands free. A waterproof backpack is ideal for all travels. You never know when you will come across rain. Find a durable yet lightweight backpack on Amazon and get one for the whole family. It can double as a carry-on too.

Water Bottle

A refillable water bottle will save you money. Mostly, it keeps you hydrated on your travels. Whether you are walking through a theme park, hiking in a forest, or chilling at the beach. Having water handy is essential. Amazon has great refillable water bottles with filters, so you can be sure you’re always getting clean water.

Portable Charger

Whether you use a phone or digital camera to snap your vacation picks, you want to have a portable charger. This is also handy in case the kids are using tablets for entertainment. Check out how many 5 star reviews there are for this affordable and slim portable charger (link to Amazon) to keep your devices juiced all day. You don’t want to miss out on capturing those unforgettable moments because your camera died.

Extra Bags

There will be shopping. Theme park merchandise, boutique shops, keepsakes, and souvenirs for people back home. Packing a few smaller bags will help when it is time to come home. You never know what or how much stuff you (or your kids) are going to want to pick up along the way. Check out the small foldable bags Amazon has to offer, so you can bring reinforcements for all that shopping you cannot avoid.

What To Pack For A 3 Day Vacation In Summer

Summer means sunshine, and most likely sea and sand. There are key items to make sure you and the family have, when it comes to a summer trip.


Pack swimwear for everyone. Whether you hang out at the hotel pools, visit the beach, or head to a Water Park, swimming is an essential part of a summer vacation. In addition to a swimsuit, you can also pack water socks. These are useful if you plan on visiting water parks or even the hotel pool. Find the best colors and prices for water socks on Amazon.


Shorts or skirts are a must. You can pack only one or two pairs and mix them with t-shirts to get different outfits. It is also recommended to bring a pair of light pants. To minimize packing, consider zip-off pants. You get shorts and pants all in one, so you are ready for every occasion. These are the latest trends on Amazon, so just pick out your favorite color. It may get cooler in the evenings, or you may want pants for a dinner outing. Sundresses are perfect for the girls in the group. They can be worn during the day and evening.


You want to pack a sweater, cardigan, or light jacket. Summer is mostly warm, but some locations can have cooler evenings. It helps to have a light jacket to cover up your dress or shirt. Amazon has a wide selection of light jackets that will work perfectly for any of the cooler occasions you encounter. You also need to pack a hat of some sort. Sun hats and baseball hats are best. Make sure you also have sunscreen and sunglasses too.


When it comes to shoes, you only need two. Flip flops or sandals for beach trips. A comfortable pair of walking shoes (link to Amazon) for the days you check out the local tourist attractions. Those with mesh are breathable and can be found on Amazon. Depending on the restaurants you go to, sandals and sneakers should be fine. If a fine dining establishment is on the agenda, bring a pair of dress shoes too.


Just in case you are headed somewhere that gets summer showers, pack a compact umbrella. You may not need it, but it is better to have one just in case. Compact umbrellas come in all colors and great prices on Amazon. Their small size allows them to fit in your backpack or bag discreetly. You will never know it is there, but it will be, if you need it.

What To Pack For A 3 Day Vacation In Winter

A winter vacation can mean different things. You are heading somewhere cooler, but do you plan to play in the snow. Obviously, if you are hitting the slopes, you need to pack snow gear, or rent it when you get there. For your regular winter attire, there are a few essentials to make sure you do not leave home without.

Winter Jacket

You will need to dress in layers to stay warm. The number of layers will depend on just how cold your destination is. Basic layers will include long sleeve shirts and a sweater or sweatshirt. You also want a warm winter jacket. You can get a down jacket that is also thin from Amazon. You don’t need to look like a giant marshmallow to stay warm.

Wool Hat

Your head loses the most heat, so cover it with a wool beanie and you will stay warm. Wool is also breathable so you will not get all sweaty. With a beanie and layers, you may end getting too warm. Again, this depends on where you are. Beanies are the best winter hat to bring since they can be easily rolled up and put in a pocket or bag if they are not needed. Check Amazon for the most affordable and stylish beanies.

Wool Gloves

You will want to pack gloves for everyone. Pockets do not provide the same protection and warmth. Especially for children. Mittens are better for younger kids as it keeps the warm air trapped around their fingers. Check Amazon for all your winter gloves with touchscreen fingers. That way you can still use your devices without getting cold hands. You do not need to get super thick gloves. The right material, like wool, will keep you warm, and let you use your hands.


Winter trips can require different shoes. If you plan to be in the snow, you will want a sturdy, waterproof pair of boots. You’ll be surprised at the great deals for winter boots on Amazon. If your trip will also involve walking around, such as visiting theme parks or attractions, a comfortable pair of walking shoes is best. You can pair them with wool socks to keep your feet warm.

Not all winter vacations are icy cold, so pack according to the weather and activities planned. No matter where you go, winter months bring cooler temperatures. So, you want to make sure you have layers, and everything covered up.

What To Pack For A 3 Day Vacation In Spring

Spring is that delightful time in between winter and summer. In most places the weather starts to warm. For spring vacations, you can pack in the same way as a summer trip, including the swimwear. The essential difference to remember is that there will be cooler weather and a higher chance of rain.


Layers will be your best bet. T-shirts, sweater, and comfortable pants. Pack a pair of shorts in case you get a really warm day or for the beach. Dresses and skirts are suitable too, but you will want sweater and tights just in case. A wool hoodie from Amazon will be sufficient as a top layer. If it gets a little warm, it can be removed and tied around your waist.

Rain Gear

Pack to prepare for rain. Even if it is not forecasted, Spring is known for showers everywhere. Umbrellas are an option, or you can pack a lightweight raincoat. You should already have your shirt and sweater on, so the finishing touch will be a raincoat. It will be light enough and will keep you dry. Amazon has great options for light jackets, some with hoods, so you may not even need the umbrella.


A comfortable pair of walking shoes are all you need. Waterproof ones are even better. You can pack sandals too, but one pair should be all you need. With a pair of walking shoes, you are ready to hit theme parks, trails, shopping malls, and tourist attractions. Check out the affordable and reliable options for waterproof shoes on Amazon.

What To Pack For A 3 Day Vacation In Fall

Fall can vary according to destination in the same way that Spring can. You can count on it being cooler weather though. Leaves will be falling, and the temperatures will be lower as winter creeps closer. Even in sunshine states like Florida, the fall is cooler.

Layers will be your friend through fall as they are in winter. A long-sleeved shirt, and some pants will be the basics for every outfit. A pair of comfortable shoes will also be all you need for visiting attractions and exploring the town. In addition to these items, you want to pack a few fall essentials.

Fleece Jacket

A zip-up fleece jacket is thin enough, so you don’t get too hot but warm enough for cooler weather. Having a fleece is more practical than a winter jacket as it is not as bulky. You can also remove it, roll it up and fit it in your bag or backpack. Additionally, a fleece can be tied around your waist or shoulders. For the best selection on quality fleece jackets, check out Amazon.


The fall can be a windy time in some places, and a scarf is the best way to protect your neck. It also keeps warm air inside your clothes, so you do not get as cold. With a warm wool scarf from Amazon around your neck, you can also pull it up to cover your mouth and nose, should it get really cold at night.


A winter hat is a good idea to pack for fall vacations. Because your head loses body heat, a hat is almost essential. With a wool hat you do not need a bulky winter coat. The long-sleeved shirt and fleece will be just fine. The hat keeps body heat in, so you don’t need unnecessary bulky layers. For stylish wool hats to go with every fall outfit, visit Amazon.


The fall can be a rainy season in certain areas. Bring a travel umbrella with you. Amazon offers great prices on travel umbrellas. Look for a set so you have enough to keep all family members dry. Walking huddled up along a leave-lined street, under an umbrella is a fall vacation photo opportunity waiting to happen.

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Helpful Tips On What To Pack For A 3 Day Vacation

You don’t need to bring a ton of stuff when you are only going away for 3 days. You do need to pack smart though.

This means knowing:

  • What the weather will be at your destination
  • What activities you have planned
  • Whether you plan on swimming in hotel pools or not
  • What entertainment the kids will need

It helps to plan out the 3 days ahead of time. You can pack the appropriate clothing and items. It also helps to have backup plans in case any weather changes force activities to change.

What To Pack For A 3 Day Florida Vacation

Packing for a 3 day vacation to Florida will depend on what time of year you are going. The two things you must have are sun protection and comfortable shows. These are essential all year. The best sun protection is sunscreen and a sun hat. Amazon offers a wide selection of hats for the whole family, so make sure you get one for everyone.

Sun hats with wide brims are recommended for women and children and baseball hats work for men. Even during cooler months, the sun is still out. Whether you are at the beach, theme parks, or out shopping around, you need to protect your skin.

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During winter months, the evenings can get cool and rain is known to show up all year long too. That being said, you can typically pack as if you are headed to a summer destination. You can use the guide above to help.

In addition to those items, you want to bring a lightweight jacket for cooler evenings or colder seasons. You can find the perfect waterproof lightweight coat on Amazon. Ideally you want one that can be easily packed away in case it is not needed. Packing a travel umbrella is also important as it can rain anytime, anywhere.

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How To Pack For A 3 Day Trip In A Carry On

When you want to pack light and keep everything in a carry on to avoid check-in fees, there are a few things to remember. Plan your events and then plan outfits. Each member of the family can fit 3 days into their own carry on.

You want to include:

  • One outfit for each day
  • One outfit to be worn for a special occasion
  • Pack a pair of flip flops or sandals
  • Socks and underwear
  • Hat
  • Pajamas
  • Toiletry bag for all essential personal items. Amazon has a wide selection of travel bags to choose from. They help keep everything in one place. Make sure you get one that meets TSA standards if you are traveling by plane.

To get the most out of the space, get some space saver travel bags from Amazon. You want to fit everything in easily and leave some space for any shopping that you do.

Bring a light jacket or fleece along with comfortable walking shoes. You can wear these on the drive or flight. For an easy to carry bag visit Amazon. Find one that has rollers or a carrying strap so you can move through busy airports or stations easier.

Final Thoughts

A 3 day vacation is sometimes all you need. Whatever the reason for your quick getaway, you want to be prepared. The last thing you want to do is over pack. Carrying heavier bags than you need to is no fun. And packing clothes you never wear is frustrating.

Think of all that space you could have had for new stuff. Using our guide, you can prepare and pack for a 3 day vacation to anywhere. As long as you know where you are headed and what you want to do, what to pack for a 3 day vacation is easy.

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