Which Is Better Fun Spot Orlando or Kissimmee

Which Is Better Fun Spot Orlando Or Kissimmee

Which is better, Fun Spot Orlando or Kissimmee? Most people, when they think of vacationing in Florida, they think of amusement parks like Disney World, Universal, SeaWorld, or even Busch Gardens. Unfortunately, many families miss out on all the other fun attractions Central Florida has to offer.

Fun Spot Orlando is better than Fun Spot Kissimmee because it has 4 go-kart tracks compared to 2 at Kissimmee, smoother roller coasters, more kiddie rides, and 3 free large parking areas compared to 1 small parking area at Kissimmee.

So, if your considering somewhere to visit during your next vacation to Orlando, Florida, then let me challenge you to try something new. Instead of just visiting all the main theme parks, how about stopping over at “Fun Spot,” located just off International Drive in Orlando.

In fact, there is another location in Kissimmee, which is located on Highway 192 near Disney. Although both parks are filled with fun rides to experience, you may be wondering which is better, Fun Spot Orlando or Kissimmee?

Which Is Better Fun Spot Orlando or Kissimmee

Living in Central Florida has been a real treat for my family, because we enjoy visiting amusement parks and riding roller coasters. What we love most about Fun Spot is that there are plenty of attractions including carnival style rides, go-karts, roller coasters, and arcade games for everyone to enjoy.

So, if I had to choose which is better Fun Spot Orlando or Kissimmee, I would have to say Orlando. Fun Spot Orlando is much bigger, with more Go-Karts, smoother roller coasters, and more ride options for children, including a new Splash Pad.

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If you visit during the busy season, you can purchase wristbands and ride tickets in the arcade area. You don’t have to wait in the longer lines located outdoors at the ticket booths.

Fun Spot Orlando Rides

RideHeight RequirementRide Type
Freedom Flyer48 inchesRoller Coaster
White Lightning46 inchesRoller Coaster
Thrasher54 inchesGo-Kart
Quad Helix54 inchesGo-Kart
Commander54 inchesGo-Kart
Conquest54 inchesGo-Kart
Headrush 36048 inchesThrill Ride
Hot Seat48 inchesThrill Ride
Rip Curl48 inchesThrill Ride
Enterprise54 inchesThrill Ride
SkyCoaster42 inchesThrill Ride

Fun Spot Kissimmee Rides

RideHeight RequirementRide Type
Mine Blower48 inchesRoller Coaster
Galaxy Spin48 inchesRoller Coaster
Hurricane42 inchesRoller Coaster
Chaos54 inchesGo-Kart
Vortex54 inchesGo-Kart
Headrush 36048 inchesThrill Ride
Hot Seat48 inchesThrill Ride
Screaming Eagles42 inchesThrill Ride
Flying Bobs42 inchesThrill Ride
SkyCoaster42 inchesThrill Ride

Fun Spot Orlando Go-Karts

In my opinion, Fun Spot Orlando has better go-karts than Kissimmee because it has more tracks to choose from. The design of the tracks is also more spread out, giving drivers more room to race around one another.

The Kissimmee location only has two tracks, which can make lines much longer, especially during the busy season. Also, the tracks there are narrower, making turns harder to go around and pass other riders.

The Fun Spot in Orlando has four tracks, (red, blue, yellow, and green), which allows lines to move much faster.

If you love Go Karts, check out my article about The Best Go Kart Tracks In Orlando.

Red Thrasher Track

The red Thrasher track has a height requirement of 54″ and is a single rider track only. This track is shorter than the others, but has more twists and turns, and is uniquely designed for high speed racing.

My older children love this track because it gives them more freedom to drive faster and pass one another quickly without concerns of other younger riders around them. The good news is that Fun Spot does think about safety measures and has fully equipped all their go-karts with speed control allowing drivers a more safe and fun experience.

Insider Tip

Keep in mind, before riding any go-karts, it’s a good idea to explain to your children to be mindful of other drivers they share the track with. Drivers who are racing recklessly will be penalized for intentionally bumping into other drivers.

Blue Conquest Track

The blue Conquest track also has a height requirement of 54” for single go-kart riders. What I enjoy about this track is that it’s gentle enough for double seat go-karts with passengers who are under 54”.

This track is great for beginner drivers and is equipped with safety measures in mind, allowing for some great clean fun. My younger son, who is now tall enough to ride as a passenger loves this track because it has a short hill that you drive up and then back down again quickly.

Insider Tip

Make sure when using the double seat go-karts to drive cautiously with your younger passengers on board, also because you can’t control how others are driving around you.

Yellow Quad Helix Track

The yellow Quad Helix track also has a height requirement of 54” for single riders and has the double seat go-karts available. What I enjoy about this track is the unique multi-level quad corkscrew. Riders move upwards around the track in a spiral motion, which is really fun to race on.

Green Commander Track

The green Commander track also has a height requirement of 54” and allows for both single and double go-karts. It is the only track with a road course style multi-level design.

This track is the newest at the park and feels like the longest. Out of all the four tracks, this one has the best scenery. While you’re driving around the course, you can see the wooden roller coaster and the kiddie area. It also wraps around the yellow track.

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If you come during the weekdays when it’s slower, you might be able to ride around the tracks longer.

Fun Spot Kissimmee Go-Karts

Fun Spot Kissimmee has only two tracks (yellow and blue) that you can ride either single or double riders on. They both have the same height requirements of 54” and children under 54” can ride as a passenger.

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Keep in mind, with only two tracks available these go-karts usually have longer lines, especially during the busy season. So, if your more interested in just riding go-karts, then the Orlando location would be a better choice for you.

Yellow Vortex Track

The yellow Vortex track is the most popular go-kart at the Kissimmee location. This track’s multi-leveled design is four stories high and includes the steepest curve. The downside to this track is the limited amount of space, so it’s not long and winding like the Orlando tracks. It goes more vertical than horizontal and has a tighter course making it more difficult for racing side by side.

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Drive cautiously around the track, because you will be making some very sharp turns around the course.

Blue Chaos Track

The blue Chaos track is a multi-leveled track that also goes more vertical than horizontal. What I noticed about this track is that the course is designed with more driving up and down hills.

It also has sharper turns like the Vortex, which causes more riders to bump into one another. My children enjoy these tracks. The only problem is the lines are usually too long, so we just skip them and go ride other attractions instead.

Fun Spot Orlando Roller Coasters

In my opinion, the roller coasters at Fun Spot Orlando are much better than the Kissimmee location. I believe they run much smoother, which makes the experience more enjoyable.

White Lightning

Fun Spot Orlando has a wooden roller coaster called, “White Lightning.” Even though it’s made from wood, it still runs the smoothest. This wooden coaster has a height Requirement of 46” and reaches high speeds of 48 mph. What I enjoy about this ride is that it gives riders a good view of the park.

Freedom Flyer

The other roller coaster is called “Freedom Flyer.” It is an inverted coaster with speeds reaching up to 34 mph. It used to give riders the option of wearing a VR headset, allowing them to experience the roller coaster in a virtual world setting.

However, they were having some issues and decided to remove the headsets. What I like most about this ride is that my younger son can enjoy it with me. It does have a height requirement of 48” or 36” with an adult.

Fun Spot Kissimmee Roller Coasters

Mine Blower

Fun Spot Kissimmee also has a wooden roller coaster called Mine Blower. This coaster is one of the parks newer rides and features a good first drop (80 feet) that goes upside down into a barrel roll.

It does have a height requirement of 48″. Although my children enjoy this ride, I believe it’s too bumpy, especially around every sharp turn.

Insider Tip

Keep in mind, it’s the only wooden coaster in Central Florida that goes upside down, so you may want to check it out.

Galaxy Spin

The Galaxy Spin is my least favorite out of all the coasters. I don’t really consider it a roller coaster; however, it does ride on a track in a spinning motion.

The downside to this ride is that it jolts you around every sharp corner. It’s even too bumpy at certain times for my younger son to enjoy. The height requirement for this coaster is 48”.


The other coaster at Fun Spot Kissimmee is the newest carnival style roller coaster called Hurricane. It is a smaller coaster that only seats six riders per train. The track doesn’t appear to be that tall and the ride doesn’t move that fast.

Due to the parks lack of space, the coaster was built next to some other smaller attractions located behind the Old Town Plaza, which is not too far of a walk. The height requirement is 42″ to ride.

If you’re really in to roller coasters, head over to Busch Gardens in Tampa where they have many thrilling coasters. Check out my article Least Scary Roller Coasters At Busch Gardens. If you need directions on how to get there from Orlando, check out my article Orlando To Busch Gardens: An Illustrated Guide.

Insider Tip

There are ticket booths located at the front and back of the Old Town Plaza near the attractions, so if you’re spending the day in that area you don’t need to walk over to the main entrance of Fun Spot to buy tickets for these rides.

Fun Spot Kiddie Rides

When considering which park has better rides for younger children, I would have to say the Fun Spot in Orlando. Although, both locations have a few similar rides, like the Carousel, Fun Slide, Kiddie Coaster, and a themed obstacle course, the Orlando location has more options.

In fact, Orlando now has a large American themed Funhouse that is 3 stories tall that children and adults can run through with a long slide at the end. The newest attraction at Fun Spot in Orlando for all ages is the “Splash Pad.”

Insider Tip

Keep in Mind, these kiddie rides mentioned here are not the only ones at Fun Spot. There are plenty more attractions for the little ones. Please visit Fun Spot’s website for further information.

Splash Pad

The Splash Pad is the newest attraction that features interactive water toys and spraying elements that kids love. It is equipped with a slip-resistant soft flooring for safety purposes.

Keep in mind, that it does close if there is severe weather in the area, so check the local weather if your planning to have some fun in the water.

Insider Tip

In order to ensure your children are safe as possible while playing in the Splash Pad, make sure to follow the Interactive Splash Pad Rules, located on their website.


Fun Spot Orlando Parking

I believe Fun Spot Orlando has more parking spaces than the Kissimmee location. In fact, Orlando has three different areas to park for free. You can park near the main front-entrance, near the back-entrance, or across the street from the front-parking lot.

Insider Tip

Another thing to point out is that if you buy season passes, there are special reserved spots that allow you to park right up front, which can be convenient for you, especially when it’s busy.

Fun Spot Kissimmee Parking

Fun Spot Kissimmee can be very difficult to park at, especially when it’s busy. Many times, my family and I drive around, and around the entire area for a long time searching for somewhere to park.

The problem is that Fun Spot is located right next to the Old Town Plaza, which usually holds special events, like car shows during the weekends. Keep in mind, if your struggling to find a place to park, there are some places nearby you can pay $10 to park.

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There is free parking available at the Old Town Plaza. Then, you can walk over from there, which is not too far of a walk.

Final Thoughts

For years, my family and I have been visiting Fun Spot because there are so many fun things to. We usually buy season passes in order to park hop back and forth from both places.

Although, we enjoy all the attractions from both locations, my family and I still think Fun Spot Orlando is better than Fun Spot Kissimmee. So, instead of just trusting my opinion about it, why not visit both parks next time you’re here on vacation to see which one you like better.

If you can try going during the weekday it is usually much slower and you can almost walk right on the rides.

Insider Tip

If you purchase season passes during Black Friday, which goes on sale at the beginning of that week, you can get passes for only $75.00. They are good from the time of purchase through the entire following year.

They can be used at any of the Fun Spots, including the one in Atlanta. There are also certain months that you can bring a guest in for free. It’s a great deal so don’t miss out on it!

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