Best Go Kart Tracks In Orlando

Best Go Kart Tracks In Orlando

Sit down, buckle up, and race to the finish at the best go kart tracks in Orlando. Most people come to Orlando for the theme parks, but there is a whole world of fun here to enjoy. For the thrill seekers in the family, go karts is the answer. And there are a number of wild rides to choose from.

The best go kart tracks in Orlando have a mixture of indoor and outdoor tracks, long and short courses, and some with super-fast karts. The 6 best go kart tracks in Orlando are:

  • Andretti Indoor Karting and Games
  • I-Drive NASCAR
  • K1 Speed
  • Magical Midway
  • Orlando Kart Center
  • Fun Spot America

Orlando is one of the best places to visit for thrill and excitement. The go karts here are no exception. You can cruise with the family or drive like Andretti.

There is something for everyone. With so many tracks to choose from, which ones are the best to visit? We have a list for you of the top spots for go karting. More time for you to hit the road, feel the wind in your hair, and live out those NASCAR dreams.

6 Best Go Kart Tracks in Orlando

1. Andretti Indoor Karting and Games

Location: Universal Drive, near Orange County Convention Center. Shared parking lot with TopGolf Orlando

This is one track you will never forget. This newly built go kart venue offers a one-of-a-kind experience. It is a must for all the real thrill seekers out there. Banked turns and elevations make this one amazing ride. This is the only place where you can experience a thrill endorsed by Mario Andretti.

Here you can drive along one of the longest indoor courses in the world. The highly rated SODI RTX karts reach speeds up to 35 mph. There are also smaller options for children ages 7 to 12 that go slower if desired. Adult drivers need to be 54 inches in height and the junior drivers need to be at least 48 inches.

Try one of three indoor tacks, each with different adventures. Track 1 is best for beginners as a single level road-course. Track 2 is a little edgier with elevations, faster speeds and a scenic track offering a little more challenge than track 1. Finally, Track 3 is the most intense, Andretti-style track. Full of elevations, banked curves, and long straightaways, this is the real NASCAR experience.

The fun doesn’t end with your driving. Once you are off the track there is much more to do. Stop by the arcade with 120 games, play a game of laser tag, or take up a game of bowling. Don’t forget to experience the ultimate virtual reality experience in the motion theater too. To complete your day, there are several full-service bars and restaurants to reload your energy levels.

Pay as you go throughout the venue. Adult races are $21.95 and junior races cost $14.95. Save money with the annual membership offered at $9.95 per person or $24.95 for families of five or more. The membership gives you discounts on the other attractions such as 10% off bowling, meals, and more.

2. I-Drive NASCAR

Location: Off International Drive and Vanguard Street

AS the fastest indoor go karting course in Florida, I-Drive NASCAR is full of thrills. From behind the wheel of a SODIKART RTX, you can reach speeds up to 45 mph. These karts are designed by the leading manufacturers in the go kart industry, so quality and speed are guaranteed.

Tracks are full of twists and turns to really keep you at your best driving game. You can race against others in your party for eight minutes of non-stop action. To drive you must be at least 55 inches tall and over the age of 10.

There are junior races available for those aged 10 to 15. Those under the age of 18 cannot participate without a signed waiver. Junior races will cost you $16.99 and adults races are $18.99. As a racer you can purchase a rechargeable game card for the arcade. Non-races can also get arcade cards, 30 credits for $5 and 60 credits for $10.

For those who need a break from the action or just came to watch, there is plenty to do. Grab a bite at the restaurant or a drink at the bar or head to the on-site bowling alley to knock down a few pins. There is also an arcade with over 60 games and a few pool tables for added fun. You get a little bit of everything at the I-Drive NASCAR Track.

3. K1 Speed

Location: 15 minutes from the Florida Mall

You get two indoor tracks at K1 Speed. You can choose from the full-feature main track or a specialized drift track. Or try both. The high-performance go karts can reach 45 mph so no matter which track you hit; thrill is guaranteed.

The karts at K1 Speed are a cut above the local amusement park versions. These all-electric karts offer speed and impressive performance. They are designed for the ultimate enthusiast. As you launch into 45 mph, and are thrust into the back of your seat, you will feel like a real racer. You will not get the same excitement in the standard 5Hp karts.

You need to be at least 48 inches tall to race, but there is no age requirement. To faster go karts require a height of 58 inches, so younger children are not able to drive at the top speeds. Adults will pay $19.95 for races and children will be $16.95.

When the weather is hot, an outdoor track is not where you want to be. Head to K1 Speed for a thrilling indoor kart experience. They run all year, rain or shine. When you need a break, hit up the miniature bowling alley. Racing at K1 is unbelievable and you will never look at go kart racing the same.

4. Magical Midway

Location: International Drive

Choose from three tracks at Magical Midway. The multi-level wooden tracks are not like any other. There are even double rider karts so you can be a passenger if you want instead. Here you get speed and height for maximum thrill factor.

The Avalanche and Alpine tracks are both wooden tracks with elevation. You can spiral down these tracks as you race. Brand new fleet karts are available, and you have the option on these two tracks for dual riders. If you want a more daring quest, try the Junior Track, a flat concrete course for more speed and less height.

Beyond the go karts, enjoy the iconic landmark. Slingshot is one of the most famous and giant attractions in the local area. Guaranteed to be a thrilling experience. You can also ride the StarFlyer, play in the arcade, ride bumper cars, and chill on the merry-go-round. There is plenty to do here for an all-day pass costing $32.00. Admission to the Slingshot is separate.

5. Orlando Kart Center

Location:15 minutes from the Florida Mall and 5 minutes East of Sea World

One of the best ways to start your karting adventures is at Orlando Kart Center. Locally known as OKC, this is the place to go for karting fun. No need for reservations here, you just arrive and drive.

Choose from two tracks. A shorter track measuring 6/10 of a mile in length and a longer track that is 8/10 of a mile. The longer track also offers bumps and curbing. You don’t need a driver’s license as karting is for children too, so long as you are at least 5 feet tall. It is important to remember that these height restrictions are for safety. The smaller members of your team still have a number of things to enjoy while others are driving.

All karts are gas powered and reach up to 45 mph. If you feel the need to get more speed, OKC allows for you to bring your own karts. You can get more hands-on as they also offer parts and repairs services. Modify and repair your own kart on site- in their garage space. The perfect spot for real karting enthusiasts.

A single race costs $26.00 and packages are available with special deals on races. When you bring your own kart, the cost is only $56 to race for the whole day. Special racing events are held throughout the year, giving you a chance to race for a trophy. Orlando Kart Center is a must for those that are serious about their go-karting fun.

6. Fun Spot America

Location: just off International Drive (second location in Kissimmee near Walt Disney World Resort)

The reason this karting adventure stands out above the rest is the 4 separate multi-level tracks it has to offer. This family-owned amusement center is one-of-a-kind and a guaranteed family fun adventure. There are go karts and more for all the family. There is a reason it is called Fun Spot!

The 4 unique tracks give you a variety of fun and thrills. Guests have to be at least 54 inches for the Thrasher, Conquest, Commander, and Quad Helix tracks. There is also a Cadet Track for children at least 42 inches in height. You get the option to ride in single or double karts in case younger members want to join in the fun without driving.

As a real Fun Spot, there is more to do than just karting. A number of other great attractions await you. Go beyond go karting at Fun Spot with the widest variety of attractions offered at go karting tracks. Get your thrills on one of two roller coasters, Freedom Flyer and White Lightning. As home to Orlando’s only wooden roller coaster, you don’t want to miss out.

You can also enjoy the Enterprise and SkyCoaster attractions as well as bumper boats, a Ferris wheel, a carousel, and an arcade full of new and retro games. There is so much fun to be had at this center and it is perfect for all ages. Even if the smaller members of your group cannot drive. Admission is free and you pay as you go through the attractions of your choice.

Go-kart races are $10 each or you can get a full day pass to cover rides, go karting, and most other attractions. A day pass will cost you $44.95. When you buy tickets for one location, they are valid on the same day at the second location. The Kissimmee location offers different coasters, so it is worth checking both out if you have the time.

If you want more information on all of Fun Spot’s go karts, roller coasters, rides and games, check out my article: Which is Better Fun Spot Orlando or Kissimmee.

Helpful Tips On Choosing Which Go Kart Track In Orlando Is Best For You

When there are so many tracks to choose from, it helps to narrow down what you are looking for. This way you can find the track best suited for what you want.

It is important to consider who will be racing as some places are not suited for younger children. Will adults be racing as well? The members of your group will impact where you go along with a few other important considerations.

  • Learn the height and age requirements for each location before you go. You do not want to show up and find that you are not able to drive.
  • Make sure you understand and follow all guidelines and safety rules at any location you visit.
  • Many go kart parks offer additional attractions, so think ahead as to what will provide the most entertainment for your day.
  • Check ahead if reservations are needed. Not all parks require this, but some do.
  • Check websites for special offers and discounts and holiday events. Holiday hours may also vary.

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Final Thoughts

Drive like a formula one racer or max out the adventure in 45 mph carts. Orlando is home to some of the best go kart tracks in the country. No matter which track you visit, you are guaranteed to have fun.

Take a drive on the wild side at one of the Andretti banked courses if you dare. Visiting the best go kart tracks in Orlando are a sure way to have fun on your trip and starting with these top 6 spots is the best road to take.

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