What Should I Pack For Disney World In January

What Should I Pack For Disney World In January

What should you pack for Disney World in January? January in Florida is not as cold as other places, but you still need to know what to pack. All trips are less likely to have problems, when you think ahead.

The goal of packing clothing for Disney World in January is layers. A t-shirt for when it is warm, followed by a lightweight sweater and jacket. Every member of the family needs to have layers. You want to be able to easily remove layers as it warms up around lunch and pile them on when it starts to cool at night.

The good news is that January in Florida is not the same as most other states. There is not really a winter in terms of snow and freezing temperatures. Regardless, it is still important to know what to pack so you can be prepared for anything.

Knowing what to expect in terms of weather, events, and crowds for January is important when it comes to packing. We want you to make sure you have exactly what you need. There is nothing worse than having too much stuff or missing items you end up needing.

Our guide for what you should pack for Disney World in January will get you there. Then all you need to do is have fun.

What Should I Pack For Disney World In January

Central Florida typically experiences cool and mild weather in January. The average temperatures can be mid-70s for the day but can get as low as the 40s at night. January is the coldest month in Florida, but not as cold as you may be used to. If you head to Disney World in January expecting sunshine and heat, you would be mistaken.

The good news is that the cooler weather means there is no humidity to deal with. But rain is a common occurrence in January. When planning your trip, you need to remember the cooler nights and chances of rain.

The weather in Florida can change instantly however, so you also want to be prepared for the possibility of warmer days. The unpredictable January weather makes it necessary to have a guide to help you pack.

Depending on your plans and activities scheduled, you can bring what you need for every situation. January trips to Disney World deliver lighter crowds. Lower temperatures keep the locals at home that do not have warmer clothing.

Then there are the tourists that don’t pack appropriately. Don’t be stuck in your hotel like those tourists. Use our guide to make sure you have all that you need and the time of your life.

Even if Florida winters are not as cold as where you are from, you still need to pack warm. Your body will adjust to the much warmer days than you are used to. So that drop in the evening will feel chilly.

When you are standing in line or watching the parades, it can get cool. When you pack for warm days and winter nights, you can be comfortable and enjoy your vacation.

What Should I Pack For Disney World Theme Parks In January

The goal of packing clothing for Disney World in January is layers. A t-shirt for when it is warm, followed by a lightweight sweater and jacket. Every member of the family needs to have layers. You want to be able to easily remove layers as it warms up around lunch and pile them on when it starts to cool at night.

Clothing needs to include the following:

Long Pants

Bring a pair of shorts or two in case it is a warm day, but for the most part long pants will keep you comfortable. If it warms up, you will be fine with a t-shirt and long pants. Then you are ready for when it gets cooler to just add the layers to the top.

Thermal Shirt

It is a good idea to have a thermal shirt for the evenings. If you are staying mostly indoors, this is not necessary. If you plan to watch parades, fireworks, and light shows, you will want a thermal shirt in those layers.

Hooded Sweaters or Cardigans

The perfect layer for over t-shirts that can be easily removed and tied around the waist.

Winter Jacket

Packing a winter coat is important for evening activities. We recommend an 800-fill down coat. They are a little pricey if you need to buy a new one, but I was able to find a great deal on Amazon. Plus, they will last you a lifetime. Another option for a jacket is a fleece. This will keep you warm with a thermal shirt and winter accessories such as a hat and gloves.


You want to pack comfortable shoes. No need for winter boots as there will not be any snow or ice. Waterproof shoes are advised as it can rain in January. Sneakers must be worn comfortably for hours. You will do a lot of walking. If you buy new ones for the trip, make sure they are broken first.


In addition to clothing, there are other essential items you need to pack for your trip to Disney World in January. A backpack is important for carrying your belongings as well as snacks and water. Check out this waterproof and affordable backpack I bought on Amazon that can be used for carry-on luggage and around the parks.

Travel Wallet

You can also invest in a travel wallet belt. This is a great way to keep your money and other valuables safe. They can be tucked under a shirt or jacket, staying safe from pickpockets. Travel wallet belts also provide convenient access to your tickets, phone, or cash when needed. No need to spend a fortune on these, as Amazon has plenty of cheap and reliable travel wallets that will keep your belongings safe.

Portable Charger

A portable charger is another great investment. You will be using your phone to take pictures and as a guide around the park. A portable charger will keep your phone going as long as you are. These can be used in the future for any of your travels. Amazon has a wide selection of chargers, so check out the reviews on this top selling portable charger.

What Should I Pack For Disney World Water Parks In January

Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach Water Parks are both open in January. It is important to note that each park does close for deep cleaning and refurbishment during the winter months. Usually only one is closed at a time so water park adventures can still be had. Just be sure to check the schedules ahead of time.

Whichever water park you head to, you need to pack the right gear. The one thing you will not need to pack are towels. Both water parks have plenty. Plus, if you are staying at a Disney hotel, they have towels for guests to use at the water parks. Also, both water parks and the hotel pools are heated, so you don’t need to pack wetsuits.

What you do need to pack is:

Water Shoes

Many people bring flip flops which are fine, but water shoes or socks allow you to walk around safely. You can go in the water and walk around the parks without worrying about your feet. The cement ground can be uncomfortable and uneven in places. Plus wearing water socks or shoes protects your feet from bacteria that may be lingering in changing room floors. For a reliable pair that you can use forever, check out Amazon’s top rated water socks.

Waterproof Phone Pouch

Take pictures with your phone and keep it safe from water damage. While many phones are water resistant, not all of them are. You need this reliable pouch I bought on Amazon because your phone will stay dry and you can catch all the water action as it happens.

First Aid Kit

It is worth having a small first aid kit packed for your trip. This will be useful at the water parks in case of any small scratches or scrapes. Having a first aid kit on hand for any family trip is a great idea, because with kids and adventure, you never know what can happen. With a top-rated first-aid kit you can get on Amazon, you will be prepared for small accidents, so they don’t ruin any of the fun.

What Should I Pack For Disney World In January For Families

In addition to the winter clothing mentioned earlier, there are some additional items you want to pack for the family. A trip to Disney world in January will be cool in the evening and can get cold and rainy during the day too.

Hats and Gloves

When you are staying out late for fireworks and parades, you all need hats and gloves. Ideally you want to stick with beanies for your head. Your body loses heat through the head, so this wool beanie (link to Amazon) will keep you toasty warm. Kids will likely want to hold glow sticks during the nights so make sure they have gloves or mittens to keep their hands warm at night.

Ponchos and Umbrellas

Rain does happen in Florida in January. You want to pack travel umbrellas and ponchos. Ponchos are lightweight and roll up easily to fit in your day bag. You can get a pack of ponchos for the whole family on Amazon for a great price. A reliable travel umbrella or two is also necessary. Rainy days in January are common and both these items will help keep you dry if you choose to play at the park.


You can’t forget sunscreen, even in January. The weather may be overcast and feel cooler, but the sun is still there. Spending a day out in the sun walking around can be risky without sunscreen. Make sure you have higher SPF sunscreens for the kids and apply it throughout the day.

Water Bottle

Rather than buying water at the park all day (this can get pretty pricey), bring a refillable water bottle. There are fountains all over to get water any time you run out. Amazon has a number of affordable options for refillable water bottles, this one has a built in filter. Grab a couple for you and the family.

Travel Blanket

One final item to get for those chilly evenings while you watch parades are micro fleece travel blankets. These are small and versatile, so you may want to pack a few. They roll up easy to fit in backpacks. Use as a cover up for an extra layer or to sit on as you watch the evening events. Travel blankets can be found at a super cheap price on Amazon and you don’t have to worry about getting cold or dirty.

What Should I Pack For Disney World In January For Kids

There are a few additional things you want to pack for kids other than the essentials. You also need to pack different items for young children and teenagers. Consider these items for your kids so they can get the most from their Disney World trip in January.

ID Tags or Card

This is an item more for you than for them. Nobody wants to think about scary things happening at the world’s happiest place, but it can. Having an ID tag or card is a way that you can help identify your children to Disney cast members and security should you get separated from them. You can also easily provide contact information on how to best reach you while you are visiting the theme parks.

Disney Themed Clothes

Kids of all ages love wearing their favorite Disney themed clothes. Mickey Mouse ears are a must and as for other items, let them pick out their favorites. Amazon has affordable packs of Disney t-shirts for kids so they can have one for each day. It’s a whole lot cheaper buying them before you go to Disney rather than purchasing them at Disney World. Since the weather will be cooler in January, pack thermal shirts for them to wear underneath, or buy long sleeved Disney-themed shirts. Disney-themed tights and leggings are great for girls. They are themed and keep them warm too.

Favorite Toys

Younger children will want to have their favorite toy with them. Try to have them pick a smaller toy, so that it can easily be stowed in a stroller or day bag.

Autograph Book

You can always buy a book at Disney, but these will be very pricey. Amazon has cheap autograph books for your kids to get their favorite signatures.

Wet Naps

Park touring can get messy. There are thousands of surfaces that your kids will be touching. Not to mention, all the snacks and treats they will be eating. Having wet naps and disinfecting wipes on hand will be your best friend. You can also keep your hands clean too.

When you have teenage kids in the family, there are few things to consider bringing for them too.

Personal Care Items

The teenagers in your family are independent so they will want their own personal care items. Make sure they pack deodorant, face wash, toothpaste, and any other items they use daily. Checkout travel bags on Amazon to keep all their hygiene items in one spot.


There is not a teenager out there that does not rely on their technology and it needs to be handy. Make sure their phones, chargers, and headphones are packed. It is worth getting portable charging devices for them too. They will be using their devices more often and you do not want them draining your power when you need it for your phone.


Your teenager can carry their own belongings, water, jackets. Make sure they have a waterproof backpack to keep their stuff in. They may want to explore parts of the park without the family tagging along, so they need to have all their essentials with them. Drawstrings are handy, lightweight and great for teenagers. Check Amazon for the best waterproof bags at great prices.

What Should I Pack For Disney World In January For Toddlers

When you travel with a toddler, there are a few extra items you need to make sure you pack. A trip to Disney World with toddlers involves a stroller and a bag dedicated just to toddler items. You want to make sure the stroller has a rain cover, since the rain will probably show up in January. Amazon has a wide selection of stroller rain covers if your stroller does not already come with one.

You may already have a travel bag for your toddler, but if not, you need to get one. You will have a backpack or day bag for general accessories and water, but your toddlers need extra stuff. It is easier to have a separate bag for this rather than trying to cram it all in one backpack.

Some strollers come with these bags or you can use a diaper bag. You can also buy stroller clips. These are great for attaching items to your stroller for easy carrying. Check out these cheap stroller clips I purchased (link to Amazon) to keep all your toddlers accessories with the stroller and with you at all times. And there is no extra bag to have to carry.

Essential items to make sure you pack for your toddlers are:

  • Ziploc bags for holding wet clothes
  • Snacks in baggies
  • Two pairs of shoes, one should be waterproof
  • Sippy cup for water
  • Juice boxes

It is also recommended to pack a noise maker. These devices are small and fit in the stroller providing soothing sounds and music. The parks can be loud and so can hotels and these machines help comfort them. They are also great for helping toddlers to sleep. You can find great noise makers on Amazon, so check out the reviews of some of their top-rated products.

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What Should I Pack For Disney World In January For Rain

Florida in January gets rain. It is a winter month, and one of the months that sees the most average rainfall. Because of the overall humidity of the area, the air is cooler and when it rains you can easily catch a chill. It is important to pack waterproof items to keep the family warm and dry.


Ponchos were mentioned earlier but they are important. Umbrellas are allowed in the park, but your hands are tied up. With a poncho you stay dry and hands-free. They are also lightweight and easily roll up to fit in backpacks and bags. They can even be worn on rides. Amazon has packs of ponchos for the whole family. Or you can try a Disney themed one for your younger kids.


While a poncho will keep you dry, you want to make sure you still pack clothing appropriate for rainy days. This will include long pants and layers. A hooded sweater or cardigan over a t-shirt. Pack clothes that are lightweight so they will dry quickly. Pack wool socks to keep your feet warm and wool repels water. You can find a good deal on wool socks (link to Amazon). If you pack jeans for the vacation, do not wear them on a rainy day. Make sure you have waterproof shoes too.

Stroller Cover

Some strollers come with waterproof covers, but if not, you need to pack one. A kid in a covered stroller stays warm and dry. And it keeps them from running through the puddles. A poncho can work as a cover if needed, but you can find stroller covers on Amazon at affordable prices. Then you have one for use anytime it rains. They typically come in a one-size-fits-all configuration so any cover can fit your stroller.

Helpful Tips On What You Should Pack For Disney World In January

Visiting Disney World in January is a great idea when you want to avoid heavy crowds. But it can be cooler and a little wet. So, if you pack correctly, you can be prepared for colder days so you can have maximum fun. In addition to packing the appropriate clothing and items, there are some additional tips we have for your visit.

  • Be aware that parades can be cancelled if it rains. There is no need to be sad though. There will be a Rainy-Day Parade. This smaller parade still features characters waving hello, but they are in covered vehicles. Dancers all have raincoats and boots on. So, if you have your ponchos and umbrellas, you can still enjoy the magic.
  • We also recommend avoiding Animal Kingdom when it is rainy. Because lightning is common in Florida when it rains most rides are closed. Also, the animals are all inside. There are some indoor attractions if you must stick to a schedule, otherwise plan to visit a different park that day. There is always the chance that the rain can lighten up, so check out Festival of the Lion King, Finding Nemo Musical, and It’s Tough to be a Bug and head outside when the rain stops.

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Is January A Good Time For Disney World

January is a cooling off period after the Christmas rush. All the holiday decorations are down and the park quiets down. Locals mostly stay home after the holidays and the New Year’s crowds have headed back home. The weather is colder but with the right clothing, the cooler temperatures do not have to ruin your fun.

January is great for avoiding big crowds. It is Disney world so there will always be people there, but January is definitely a quieter month in terms of people. The average wait time for a ride will be around 20-25 minutes. The only day to avoid is Martin Luther King Day, since schools are closed, so locals tend to flood to the park that day.

Insider Tip

Visiting Disney World on a weekday rather than the weekend will be a lot less crowded no matter what time of year you go.

Final Thoughts

The weather will be cooler, but it beats walking around in the heat and humidity. With the right clothing and accessories, the cooler weather will not dampen your fun. You have less crowds to deal with and all attractions are open.

You can even take in a Water Park and swim in heated waters. This guide will help you get all that you need to enjoy your vacation. You now know what you should pack for Disney World in January, so it’s time to let the family know fun is headed their way.

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