Best Places To Eat At Universal Studios Orlando

Best Places To Eat At Universal Studios Orlando

What are the best places to eat at Universal Studios Orlando? As you stroll through the streets along Universal Orlando, one thing you can be sure of is you will never miss a good spot to eat. Lunches are feast-like as you enjoy the spectacular layout of its two flagship parks, Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure.

The best places to eat at Universal Studios Orlando based on menu, price and atmosphere are:

  • Mythos Restaurant- Islands of Adventure
  • Vivo Italian Kitchen- City Walk
  • The Cowfish- City Walk
  • The Toothsome Chocolate Emporium & Savory Feast Kitchen- City Walk
  • Three Broomstick- Islands of Adventure
  • Antojitos Authentic Mexican- City Walk
  • Lombard’s Seafood Grille- Universal Orlando
  • Finnegan’s Bar & Grill- Universal Orlando
  • Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.- City Walk
  • Margaritaville Restaurant- City Walk
  • Leaky Cauldron- Universal Orlando
  • Confisco Grille – Islands of Adventure
  • The Simpsons Fast Food Blvd- Universal Orlando

Universal City Walk, a complex of restaurants and shops, is also a great alternative in those days you crave fancy dinners. You could also enjoy a glass of your favorite drink and endless entertainment from the live music sessions with every visit.

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13 Best Places To Eat At Universal Studios Orlando

1. Mythos Restaurant- Islands of Adventure

Located in the Lost Continent section of the Islands of Adventure, the award-winning Mythos Restaurant firmly stands as though engraved into a cave. It is a complex combination with its interior resembling some kind of prehistoric tale, while its menu comprises of Greek and Mediterranean cuisines.

It appears to have mastered the art of serving high-level cuisine with excellent service and trimmings without detracting the fun of the fair. This mastery with such precision makes the restaurant a must-try for any serious food enthusiast.

Mythos is often referred to as one of the best theme park restaurants in Orlando, following the scenic views from the magical cave-like dining areas such as the lagoon and the waterfalls. It offers a great respite during hot days with a wide range of sampling alternatives to satisfy your curiosity from $6- 10 per piece.

Recommended as one of Universal’s best places to eat because it offers a seamless blend of the theme park atmosphere with exceptional craftsmanship with regards to the food. It thus presents a pleasant stopover as a Universal date night idea between $14- 25 for lunches and dinners.

2. Vivo Italian Kitchen- City Walk

Simply put, the Vivo Italian Kitchen is a classy restaurant with excellent service and a comprehensive listing of classic Italian foods such as burrata cheese, Neapolitan pizza, and tiramisu. Despite its location, this family-friendly food place does not operate as a theme park restaurant and is opened for dinner only.

Despite its small size, Vivo Italian has a lot to offer. Its open expo- kitchen allows you to watch as the chef gets down to work on your orders. You see the preparation of bread, the tossing of food, and the skillful serving placement on the plate.

This eating spot first opened its doors to the public in 2014, serving food and live performances. Although from a distance, the place can be rightfully described as sleek and contemporary, the menu affirms its traditional Italian soul.

Recommended as Universal’s best places to eat for its chic ambiance, which sets it as the new full-service venue- a new era in Universal’s dinning. Price approximation is between $12-26 for lunch and dinner.

3. The Cowfish- City Walk

Cowfish is located along Universal City Walk and is more of a sushi and burger bar within a family-friendly setting. It offers specialty cuisines such as the Burgushi- using hamburger ingredients to make sushi rolls. It also has a rich kids menu, which ensures that diners of whatever age get to select from a wide range of options.

The Cowfish Sushi and Burger Bar is a similar eating spot along the Universal City Walk. It also serves Burgushi with a twist- sandwiches made from sushi and sushi made from burgers.

You, however, have the liberty to order bento boxes- the same servings in the regular styles and tastes. Besides the creative inventions, Cowfish does offer spiked milkshakes, premium sakes, and exotic martinis on any given day.

Following its location along the busy Universal Orlando, the Burgushi has become a popular pick up for revelers as they go about their hunting of the hotspots in the area.

There is also an expansive combination of meals beyond one’s imagination, all created from the daily basics. This innovation, albeit weird at the time, surprisingly result in tasty meals putting a spine on the all too familiar traditional foods.

Recommended as Universal’s best places to eat for its creative food combinations that satisfy several traveler’s cravings, especially those traveling in groups. Price range from $8- 28 for both lunch and dinner.

4. The Toothsome Chocolate Emporium & Savory Feast Kitchen- City Walk

This food never goes unnoticed along the Universal Studios skyline. The exaggerated chocolate factory features massive milkshakes, a pastry shop, and warm chocolate almond bread. It also allows its diners to take in the magnificent Universal City Walk from the open seating space downstairs and the bar area upstairs.

With its incredible huge milkshakes, Toothsome Chocolate Emporium is a haven for travelers with a sweet tooth. It offers a wide range of options for lunch, dinner, and desert despite its pub-like atmosphere.

Recommended as Universal’s best places to eat for its unmatched desert and the incomparable ambiance. Price range from $8-16 for breakfast with lunch and dinner going for $11- 47.

5. Three Broomstick- Islands of Adventure

The Three Broomstick is a stylish restaurant whose finishing resembles that of the Harry Potter series. It is believed that J. K. Rawlings was instrumental in the recreation of her wizard world.

This revelation might be the reason why every bite from the restaurant complex fills you with a spooky but wonderful feeling. The menu promises a beautiful experience from the local fish and chips to the half-roasted chicken and servings of light, crispy batter floods accompanying a delicious whole fish.

In the hot summer days, frozen butterbeer servings are a craved food combination. The food can be enjoyed from the vast open terrace, which affords you a spectacular view of the Hogsmeade village. It neighbors the Hog Bar, a famous watering hole also pulled from the Harry Potter series.

Like in the Harry Potter series, Three Broomstick is located along Hogsmeade, south of Hogwarts Castle in Islands of Adventure. It offers you a myriad of tantalizing options to choose from, such as Harry Potter’s first taste of butterbeer.

6. Antojitos Authentic Mexican- City Walk

The Antojitos is well known for its bold flavors and its street-styled servings of classic Mexican foods. The range from a generous helping of sizzling fajitas to freshly done guacamole, which is prepared skillfully at your table.

The restaurant only opens for dinner as it targets a mature market niche at a price range of $13- 28. Its selection of tequila is quite impressive and is debatably one of the most in-depth lists in Tijuana. It is located in the backend of Margaritaville towards the back of Universal City Walk, and its rough exterior makes it difficult to miss.

As can be deduced from its name, the Antojito offers authentic food and entertainment with its menu featuring table-side guacamole, tacos, empanadas, and so much more.

7. Lombard’s Seafood Grille- Universal Orlando

In case you are looking for a table service meal within Universal’s theme park, then you need to look no further. Lombard’s Seafoods Grille is your go-to restaurant. Besides the tantalizing lobster rolls, there is a rich listing of seafood and meat meals to select from for diners of all ages.

The food is not the only attraction to the restaurant. The interior decoration tastefully is done to welcome diners of all ages with ease. The aquarium is also another attraction point affording breathtaking views.

For an opportunity to enjoy the Cinematic Spectacular as you enjoy your meal, you should make reservations, although this needs to be several months prior.

8. Finnegan’s Bar & Grill- Universal Orlando

The Finnegan’s Bar & Grill is an Irish- American bar found on Universal Orlando. Despite it being a watering hole, it has a communal ambiance making it suitable to clients of all ages.

Such suitability emanates from the fun vibes created as a result of the live performances from the Irish folk band. The food is skillfully done and offered at exceptional values such as the complimentary freshly baked Irish bread and apple jelly.

The Irish menu is quite extensive, thus affording you a broad spectrum to choose from. Whether you grab a basic sandwich or patiently await your share of the Shephard ‘s Pie, you will experience excellent with each bite. The fair prices, excellent services, and lively ambiance are a unique combination that makes your experience more memorable.

Recommended as Universal’s best places to eat due to its friendly full-service option with good food and excellent services. It also offers black velvet.

9. Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.- City Walk

The Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. unsurprisingly serves a lot of seafood to with the Cajun Shrimp being the most popular of the lot. The American classics such as pork ribs are other people’s all-time favorite. This restaurant is about Tom Hank’s character fictional company in 1994 movie Forest Gump.

Although Bubba Gump is a themed restaurant like a lot of other restaurants in Universal City Walk, its prices are relatively competitive compared to those of its counterparts. The reason this is the case could be the fact that Bubba Gump Shrimp’s commitment towards meeting the diverse needs of its community.

This commitment is evident the moment you step past its does where shelf arrangement has been purposefully made. There are whole sections devoted to gluten-free products, and other items best suited for your children explicitly. This conscious arrangement is communicating equal inclusivity across all ages and walks of life.

10. Margaritaville Restaurant- City Walk

The Jimmy Buffet Margaritaville Restaurant is a family setting intended for fun and great feeling. With a bar-like menu of burgers, spicy nachos, and popcorns, the restaurant has managed to reach a compromise between happy hour and making it suitable for all age’s, children included. Live music thus begins as early as six in the evening, affording mum and dad to get a glass of their favorite cocktail and live performances for a lovely date night.

Whatever your preference with regards to a salty margarita, the cheeseburgers always complement your drink either way. This laid-back vibe as you enjoy slow music into the night is a great way to relax or get together with a group of friends. Jimmy’s Buffet Margarita Restaurant is thus a definite stopover for those in a quest for a colorful happy feeling in some coast-like setting.

11. Leaky Cauldron- Universal Orlando

Entering this establishment, you get the spooky feeling as though you are stepping into one of Harry Potter’s world. Located inside Diagon Alley at Universal Studios, it specializes in British foods such as the cottage pie and mash.

These meals are an excellent way of relaxation as you marvel at the weary wizard looking dining space. Should you be in search of more British experience, the Ploughman’s Platter for two is the ultimate choice. The imported English cheese, roasted tomatoes, apple-beet salad, and Scottish eggs will have you feel as though you were in the United Kingdom.

12. Confisco Grille – Islands of Adventure

Unfortunately, this gem is, at times, overlooked despite the wealth of goodness it has to offer. With decorations from all over the island, Confisco Grille tends to be the last stop for tourists as they end their exploration of the theme parks. Confisco Grille is located near the entrance of Islands of Adventure.

This restaurant specializes in a myriad of international cuisines such as Italian, Greek, Asian, and American; thus, there is something for everyone. The Trader’s Wings and the Loaded Nachos are fun-filled meals in quantities enough for them to be full meals. The adjacent Backwater’s bar is a good stopover for happy hour with specialties such as Confisco Margarita and Navigator’s Bloody Mary.

13. The Simpsons Fast Food Blvd- Universal Orlando

This restaurant offers you the opportunity to experience the Simpsons, from the Krusty burgers to a sip of ice-cold Duff at the Moe’s Tavern. The 9 eateries generously spread out on the Welcome to Springfield’s stretch.

This food court zone in the Home of Simpsons, Universal Florida is a great reward to the Simpson fans. They not only get to enjoy servings of Italian pasta at the French Dutchman but also a chance to pick out small details from previous episodes.

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