10 Best Men’s Sling Bag For Travel

Best Men's Sling Bag For Travel

It’s time to start packing and you need the best men’s sling bag for travel. A backpack is not going to cut it this time, because you need to travel light. Read on to find the best pick for your next travel date.

When choosing the best men’s sling bag for travel, important features to consider are size and capacity, material and durability, and design and functionality.

  • Choose a sling bag that weighs no more than 5 pounds and holds between 1 and 8 liters
  • Choose a sling bag that is compact and lightweight that can be carried across your body
  • Choose a durable material with a higher denier number or thickness of fabric
  • Find a good balance between weight, capacity, durability, and price

A sling bag is an efficient and convenient travel companion. Practical and fashionable for men and women, these bags keep your items close to you and easy to reach when needed. There are a number of styles and designs, so it can be daunting to try and find the right one.

What Makes The Best Men’s Sling Bag For Travel

We have the ten best men’s sling bags for travel to help make your search easier. There are important features to keep in mind when choosing a sling bag. We provide the features to look for, the important information to remember, and a list of the most popular and reliable sling bags for men. Using our guide, you will find the best men’s sling bag for travel or work.

What Is A Sling Bag

A sling bag is a uniquely designed bag that can be carried across your chest or back. The bag is secured by a cross body strap that connects diagonally. The sling bag is designed for easy carrying, fitting close to your body, without getting in the way of your movements. They are more compact than backpacks and not as bulky as messenger bags.

Sling bags are a great travel accessory for men. You can get through security with ease, as everything you need is right there in front of you. No need to dig around in your backpack. All the items you want to have in your pockets but will not fit go right in your sling bag with ease. Carry your phone, chargers, travel documents, headphones, tissues, earbuds, snacks, and a book or two for a comfortable journey.

Sling bags are also great for everyday use as well as those short, day trips you love. Rather than packing a backpack for an outing, a sling bag carries all you need without compromising your comfort. Carry a camera, phone, sunscreen, sunglasses, snacks, water, and batteries or a portable charger for your electronics. You can even pack a book or tablet in there for entertainment if you stop anywhere.

There are several important features of sling bags that you should consider when choosing the right one for you.

Size and Capacity

The purpose of having a sling bag over other bags is because they are smaller and more lightweight. You want to stick with a bag that weighs no more than 5 pounds and holds between 1 and 8 liters. A sling bag that is too heavy will wreak havoc on your shoulder and back. Plus, anything too bulky carried at the front will look a little strange.

Material and Durability

Sling bags come in assorted materials from canvas to leather. The material used will affect the prince and the durability of the bag. Some bags can be pricey, but this does not always mean they are the most durable and reliable. Choose a material in the same way as you would luggage. You want functionality as well as a lightweight and durable bag. Find a balance between weight, capacity, durability, and price.

The top materials for sling bags include:

  • Nylon – Nylon Is one of the more common synthetic fabrics used for sling bags. Nylon is perfect because it is lightweight, durable, and soft. With nylon you can also get a variety of patterns and weaves to make the fabric more interesting.
  • Polyester – Polyester is a cheaper option to nylon so will be found on lower-priced sling bags. This is a reasonably durable fabric, but it will not last as long as nylon and others. If you only want a sling bag for a quick trip only, this is the fabric to look for.
  • Canvas – There are not many canvas sling bags out there but the ones you will find will have a sophisticated look. Canvas is heavier but more vulnerable to abrasions.
  • Leather – Leather has been used for bags of all kinds forever. There are a ton of leather sling bags on the market as it seems to be the fashion trend for today. Leather is not the best material for travel however, as it is heavy and highly sensitive to weather. Leather also requires more maintenance than other materials. While a leather sling bag will look great, it will cost more, and will not be ideal for travels.

When looking at the material for a sling bag, you will find a “D” associated with it. This stands for denier, which refers to the weight or thickness of the fabric used. Higher “D” numbers indicate a more durable fabric as well as a more lightweight fabric.

Design and Functionality

The design of the sling bags allows it to be carried across your body. It is compact and lightweight to limit what you can carry. This makes it easy on your back and shoulders. The convenience of having your items right there at your fingertips is its greatest function. Sling bags also hold all the items you cannot fit in your pockets but need to have with you.

How Do You Carry A Sling Bag

A sling bag can be worn across your back or across the front. Wearing a sling bag across your back is usually the most comfortable. Wearing it this way gives you freedom to move especially when walking or riding a bike.

The straps are always adjustable so you can keep the bag close for security when needed, or let it hang loose for casual settings. Fanny packs worn at the front got a bad reputation, but sling bags today are much cooler when worn in front. Ideally, you want to wear it this way when safety is a concern so you can keep a better eye on your things.

Sling Bags vs Backpacks

Sling bags are more compact than backpacks and not designed to hold as much stuff. The purpose of a sling bag is to carry essential items with you in convenient fashion. They are also trendy in today’s fashion world for men.

The best part about a sling bag is that you only take what you need. When you have numerous compartments and space to fill in a backpack, you will. Sling bags keep it simple and only take what you really need.

Can Men Wear Sling Bags

Men have been using sling bags for longer than you may realize. In college, sling bags are a common accessory and athletes have been using them for years. They are a great way to carry water, keys, wallet, and a towel in the gym. No need to lug around a large gym bag between sets.

Celebrities today can be seen with sling bags. Beyond convenience it is a fashion statement too. Sling bags are for everyone, regardless of age, gender, or profession. They make your travels easier and your life less complicated.

Top 10 Best Men’s Sling Bag For Travel

You know what a sling bag is, and you know what it does. You also know that your travels are not complete without one. So, which one do you buy? We have the top 10 best men’s sling bag for travel for you to consider before your next outing or adventure.

1. OutdoorMaster Sling Bag

The OutdoorMaster Sling Bag has a compact but spacious design (link to Amazon) and is versatile and durable for all your travels. Your belongings are secure thanks to the hook and loop closure. You can take this bag traveling and on any outdoor adventures. The lightweight material is durable but easy to carry and you can fit a tablet or small laptop in there too.

Keep your personal items safe with the hidden anti-theft pocket and don’t forget your water for the external bottle holder. You get 7 colors to choose from and a padded reversible strap that is perfect for lefties and righties.

2. Osprey Daylite Shoulder Sling

The Osprey Daylite is perfect for all your essentials (link to Amazon). Travel documents, wallet, snacks, and entertainment can be carried securely and conveniently. The NeoSpacer mesh material and anatomically shaped shoulder strap makes this one of the most comfortable sling bags to carry.

Store smaller items in the front zippered pocket or items you need to reach quickly. Within the main compartment you can organize your items with the built-in sleeves. Keep your keys handy using the key clip so you don’t need to go digging for them. Choose from a variety of colors to perfectly match your style.

3. Vertex EDC Transit Sling

You get organization and securely stored items with the Vertex EDC. This bag can be used for travel or for work as it maintains a professional look. You can switch from the shoulder strap to a top handle for a different carrying option.

The Vertex EDC Transit Sling is a traveler’s best friend (link to Amazon) as it is designed for a grab-and-go lifestyle. Although compact, you can fit a laptop or tablet along with your personal items. The single strap makes it easy to transition the bag from back to front so you can get access to what you need quickly.

4. Under Armour Compel Sling

From Under Armour comes a durable and fashionable sling bag for men (link to Amazon). Whether you use it for the gym, biking, hiking, or your commune to the office, this bag has you covered. The solo strap unbuckles easily, and you get multiple storage pockets for your stuff.

The inside is lined with soft material to protect laptops or tablets and the strap is padded for your shoulder’s comfort. Bring water with you in the side pocket and don’t worry about the weather because this sling is water-resistant.

5. Leaper Retro Messenger Bag

Made from canvas, the Leaper sling bag is soft, durable, and the perfect size to travel with (link to Amazon). Inside is an even softer compartment so electronic items like laptops will be protected from scratches. You can carry this bag using the adjustable shoulder strap or the handle.

You get several pockets for storage, all with zippers and flaps to keep your items safe. There is even a dedicated pocket for your phone or travel documents so you can reach them quickly as needed.

It is a great bag for travel and will last a long time. Choose from 18 fun colors to brighten your travel days.

6. NeatPack Versatile Canvas Sling

This sling bag from NeatPack (link to Amazon) comes with more pockets than you will know what to do with. There is room for all your personal items, gadgets, and even some snacks. You can access your items easily, but the RFID anti-theft pockets make sure others cannot.

Wear it across your back or your chest and ergonomically, breathable, padded strap will make sure your shoulder stays intact. This bag will stand the test of time thanks to waterproof polyester canvas and reflective strip. You also get a lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer.

7. Polare Cool Real Leather Cross Body Sling Bag

This upgraded version of the previous Polare Crossbody Sling (link to Amazon) has stronger zippers and a more durable cotton lining. Made from high-grade leather from Italy, you can look stylish and practical at the same time with this sling bag. The adjustable padded strap is comfortable, and you can release the strap quickly as needed.

Inside you get a convenient compartment for important items like your keys, wallet, and phone. You can also carry chargers, snacks, small towels, laptop, or any other travel accessories. This sling comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

8. LC Prime Sling Bag

LC delivers a water-resistant Nylon sling bag (link to Amazon) that is also resistant to tears and abrasions. The strap and back are padded for your comfort and the numerous pockets are zippered and easy to access. Two large compartments inside hold all you need for travel including a laptop or books.

Smaller bags inside are zippered to keep valuable items safe. You also get an earphone jack and RFID blocking. This sling is perfect for men to take traveling, hiking, camping, to the gym, and to work.

9. Champion Stealth Sling Pack

Champion is a leader in athletic accessories and clothing. Their Stealth sling bag is a handy and reliable (link to Amazon) companion for travel and recreation. Made from polyester, the bag is lightweight and easy to clean.

The large compartment can hold a laptop and the smaller utility pockets are ideal for valuable items like keys and phones. You can wear this cross body to the left or right and the rubber-coated zippers allow easy access to all pockets.

10. Waterfly Crossbody Sling

Waterfly has one of the best water-resistant sling bags (link to Amazon). Made from frigostable nylon, water is repelled, and your belongings stay dry. This is the perfect sling bag for travel through varied climates. The durability of the bag is enhanced with a precision seam and reinforced Bartack process.

A large pouch will hold tablets or a small laptop. Smaller pockets will take care of your wallet and phone and a specialized key rack protects your keys. A side mesh pouch holds water for you and you even get a small pen pocket and designated pouch for a notebook or travel documents.

Helpful Tips On Buying The Best Men’s Sling Bag For Travel

Buying any of these sling bags will be worth the investment. You can get a great quality and durable sling bag for travel without spending a fortune. As you consider these ten options, there are a few important things to remember:

  • Look for more than just a fancy appearance – you want functionality, weatherproofing, and durability.
  • Be wary of leather – it looks great but is more expensive and harder to maintain
  • Choose the right size – while all sling bags are more compact than backpacks, they vary in size. Choose a size that fits only what you need to bring.

Final Thoughts

Sling bags are a great and convenient alternative to backpacks. You don’t always need to carry a lot with you, and sling bags only carry what you need. Don’t risk losing your stuff in an over packed backpack, invest in a sling bag for your travels.

A sling bag keeps all your valuables close to you, keeps your travels light, and keeps your hands free. A sling bag is the ultimate men’s travel companion so choose from the top 10 best men’s sling bag for travel we recommend and hit the road!

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